Saturday, March 7, 2015

Islam Zaki @IslamZaki "Amr Diab's Secret Weapon" Releases New Single

Amr Diab does not have a lot of friends, but he seems to be overly friendly to Islam Zaki, the young composer Islam Zaki who gave him three songs on his last album and one in the earlier album. Islam might be not even half of Amr Diab's age yet he gives him his best work. It's awesome that Amr Diab is able to work with the new generation.

Zaki is somewhat of a singer himself, though he has yet to figure out his own voice and his own style, the single he released two years ago did very well and established a new name as a possible pop star project. I listened to the new single with two other people. One loved the emotional complexity, and another did not like Islam's voice. I felt it was a good song, but one may have to listen to it more than once. I do not hate the guitar, it's smooth.

Islam sounds a lot older here than he did two years ago. The lyrics tell a story of love gone sour. Thanks to the work of the lyricists Tarek Darwish.  
Islam Zaki - Khayef Low 2abelto / اسلام زكى - خايف


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