Monday, March 2, 2015

Will Mastergate Make You and Your Music Famous? @InfoMastergate

There seems to be a new music company in Lebanon. They go by the name "Masergate" Not sure when they broke into the music production and marketing scene, but they seem to have dozens of new artists that we have never heard of. I mean their artists or the artists on their label are professional singers who come from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. No big names, just talents worth discovering.

Mastergate sees itself as a limited liability company which was founded in Beirut, Lebanon in 2010 and is specialized in providing general music consultancy services offering a wide variety of vital elements that contributes to the success of the artists and their albums. At its essence, Mastergate wants to launch new content and help re-launch music that went under the radar. They also want to market and distribute music. They do one more thing, match brands with artists that can embody that specific brand. Artists can also get help in placing their songs and music videos on various Arab music networks.I respect that...though not sure who stands behind the company. Plus their social media profile is not a good sign at all.

Check out their YouTube channel and their stars, you will never know what yo will find and that's a good thing. I like their model, they work with artists who are struggling to get the name recognition they deserve. Maybe they help artists make an extra income too--all great things. It's not easy to be a new company in today's economy, but it must be frustrating to be a new music company in a region where music piracy goes unnoticed.    

Rabih Gemayel Awwi El Sawt Video Clip ربيع جميّل قويّ الصوت


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