Wednesday, March 18, 2015

With Her New Song, Ahlam Reminds People Why She is Famous! @Ahlam_Alshamsi

Saudi composer wrote the music for the new single by the provocative songstress Ahlam. This Emirati hit-maker has a problem with speaking too much and firing from the hip. I may not like a lot what she has to say, but I admire what she has accomplished and how big of an artist she has become in a region so confused about its identity.

you have to respect her career and the money beautiful hits she has been making for the past 25 years or so. She may rub people the wrong way on Arab Idol, she may say some weird things on Twitter, she may show off her jewels and fancy possessions and make people jealous. She still has many songs, and it seems she is not done.

Check out her latest single "Malhofa Le Soutak" about longing to the voice of her loved one. She is going for the classy look with the black and those hats form the thirties of the last century. It feels a bit like Mad Men. The song itself is pretty sweet and romantic to the bone. Ahlam does put on her singing hat and channel her honey like voice.  

I like her second look here, I know the fans are excited about this release and so is her music label.  

م ملهوفه لصوتك | ahlam 2015 - Malhofa le soutak


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