Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wael Makes Soft SO Manly

HE is BACK! here's how orignanilty sounds like, the one sound that unites all the ladies of Arabia is the voice of Wael Kfoury in Ma Ederet.....Enjoy. One word "Fantastic"

The man with a plan, your sidekick in every romantic story you lived for the past 20 years no man has delivered romantic lines and love and heartbreak stories as much as Wael can

Wael Kfoury - Ma Ederet / وائل كفورى - ما قدرت

Joe Ashkar, the Arabian Playboy

Joe Ashkar, the best looking Arab singer made in Lebanon (with a name like that he has to come from Lebanon) is no stranger to good music videos. He throws as many gorgeous models, fancy outfits, he puts on a good suit and you got your music video. Where does he get all those models from? Well, for a guy who is good looking and always chills with ladies, you have to admire his fans.

Joe and his wife own a popular and a hip casino in Lebanon, so you know he does not need the money all that bad. But he might need the vanity of the showbiz. I do like his style as he still makes his music which entertains a certain demographic.

Mahabeer is the name of his song, I can only suppose it's a reference for the hotties of ladies that goes in Lebanon now. But cannot be too sure. Here is the music video of Joe Ashkar who makes Arab men proud.

Joe Ashkar - Mhaypar / جو أشقر - مهايبر

Ragheb Alama is Working Hard, but...

Not sure what to make of this new music album by the Arab super star Ragheb Alama, the legend of Arabic music, the man who has nothing to proof and the mane who is loved by pretty much young and old males as well as females.

His album is now out, but his music video, he does not look that well, the music itself has no storyboard and I think it would be easy to trash this music video, but I am not going to. I am only pleased with his song, Sineen Rayaha we Sineen Gaya is a good song that delivers much for his fans and for the younger generation. I know Ragheb has a good production company and his brother is his manager, they are a true business brand.

Roa did not think much of the lock of the star in this music video, it's about darker and a bit of midlife crisis textbook example, see the bike and the bar seen. But nevertheless enjoy this wonderful song for all it's worth. Yes, the way I look at it the song still has much of the pizazz that was missing in his last album.

راغب علامة - سنين رايحة و سنين جاية

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hussin Al Deek Old Style, New Lyrics

When it comes to Arabic music, Syria has given us a number of legends that live on with their original style and their high status in the Tarab style singing. But for the past 7 years a number of Syrian singers have met the Arab world by singing Sha'aby style..using simple langauge that tells stories and fantasies held by many.

Enter, Hussien Aldeek, a new Syrian singer who is following the work of his father the man who brought this style of music back about five years ago with 'Aloosh. Please find the singer talking his loved one who is teenager, I do like the debka troupe and the music. not sure about the lyrics, but something tells me the younger fans in the Sham area will find them appealing as it speaks about the first high school love.

حسين الديك - ناطر بنت المدرسة

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oldies: From Jordan with Love

Jordan the country gets little attention when it comes to making pop music. there have been few Jordanian stars making their way into the Arabic music scene. I mentioned Diana Karazon, the Hamdan sisters (Mai and Mais) and Tony Qattan....they are all stars that have fans outside their home country.

But this post is not about the pop stars, it's about the very old school Jordanian style of folklore singing by some mean looking dudes. Here by Abda Musa, a Jordanian folklore singer singing a folksy style song about his lady as she passes by him. I do like the images drawn by the singer as he transports us to the village scene and the ladies walking around with water jars.

For all it's worth, enjoy this song and remember the good old days when you did not have to know how the singer looks only enjoyed their voices and above all their music.

من الفلكلور الأردني / عبده موسى - مرين وما معهن حدا

Houda Saad Still Got it! And We Like it

Houda Saad is a raising star in Arabic music, she has the backing of the biggest music production company in Arabia (Rotana), she enjoys a warm and capable voice and the love of her loyal fans in the greater Arabic Maghreb where she comes from.

It has been a little over a year since we heard something from this young starlet (she is finishing school in Switzerland) but when she is back with Bghitou Wella Karahtou, "loved him or hated him" she is really BACK with something refreshing.

Using the dialect of her home the Maghreb, Houda has found a way to stage a good comeback to the already saturated music scene in Arabia. I like the song, the lyrics are sweet reminding us why we like the starlet in the first place. Houda also looks good in her music video and tries to appeal to the cute (not the sexy) aspect of her persona. And I think he has been largely successful.

Then why Houda is not a huge star already? My answer lays with her production company Rotana that has not been able to create and sustain new star. They are doing a good job with the big names of the like Amer Diab and Elissa, but they do not seem to get the concept of the online marketing. Unlike Rotana, Melody Hits, their rival dominates the YouTube generation and get millions of hits on their new videos. Thus, I believe Rotana needs to adapt in order to help Houda and other stars to gain some fame. In the meantime, enjoy the music video.

هدى سعد - بغيتو ولا كرهتو / Houda Saad - Bghitou Wella Krahtou

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Egyptian Khaled Selim Love & the Above

Khaled Selim had a great year in 2010. A best selling album that was nothing short of spectacular. A wonderful music video for Ad'ay A'leek Bieeh. But his greats accomplishment this year was different.

In my opinion, he had the best Ramadan song this time around. Madrast Elhob, is the name of his song that captured my attention. I was already a fan of this young energizing singer, but this song was different. His voice is pure gold, his emotions are unmatched and his passion about the subject of the song is clear. While the song was played in the opening for a religious theme show wit popular young present Moustafa Hussni. The song does not play as a preachy as most religious songs. It speaks of love as a school and cure for all ills.

I know for me, his voice is unique and I can distinguish it form a hundred other voice even thought I rarely make mistakes by identifying Arab singers by their voice, of course there are hundreds of Arab singers now. But Khalid Selim distinct makes it easier.

Two tumbs for Khalid in 2010 and hope to hear and see more of him in 2011

Khaled Selim - Love School Titre / خالد سليم - تتر مدرسة الحب

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dina Hayek Strikes Again!

Dina Hayek, the Lebanese star has never been a huge commercial success like many of her country leading female singers. Not sure why she has not been able to pull one huge mega sing.

At least since 2005 and her Katabtlak song, we have not seen her shine again. I know her past has few botched plastic surgeries and public feuds, but I really dig Dina and her style. She never felt the urge to take off her clothes and reveal much of her body beauty. Instead Dina Hayek opted to let you in for a tour of her inner beauty and her rather cute dance moves.

Abu El Zelouf is her latest; it's an old school song that all Shami (Lebanon, Syria and Palestine) know too well. Her cover of the song, her music video is just fine. I also enjoyed the outfits she appeared in the music video in, she does have a style. The male model was a good choice as he seems to really like the starlet where their chemistry is obvious, making the music video a fun to view.

Again with Abou El Zelouf, Dina plays it safe sticking to her strength, the Lebanese style that made her star and introduced her to us the fans. Great job Dina and keep up the good work. I know I am looking forward for an album from you, or at least mini album.

Dina Hayek - Abou El Zelouf / دينا حايك - أبو الزلوف

Friday, October 22, 2010

Natasha, in the footsteps of Nancy Ajram & More

Natasha comes from Lebanon where Nancy Ajram also comes from. I am a fan of both artist and think Nancy has a new protegee. Both started at early age. Natasha is actually now 16 years of age...a very young age nevertheless she has established herself as a good singer.

She has the charisma and the voice of Nancy, the energy and the presence of Haifa, the star power of Elissa and she has accomplished this in one album. So Natasha is just warming up.

As I listened to her debut album, Tisadaq BilAyyam تصدق بلأيام) I was skeptic she will get good lyrics and a good album. I knew she has the voice and the chops to entertain you in a cute way, but I was not sure if the good lyricists and musicians of Lebanon would want yet another young starlet.

It was a freaking good album, you know why? Natasha comes form a family of musicians who know the business, her dad writes music and has the music business savvy, her brother is a lyricist. And thus she was able to be sponsored by a respectable firm to produce her music. I do not deny that there are tens of Arab stars who wish they can replicate the success and the style of Nanact Ajram, the best selling Arab female singer that we all like. All of those stars have failed so far.

Natasha I believe can pull the Nancy Style, yet maintain her own unique identity. She can sing those flirty cute songs, those deep meaning songs (Ba'ed Bakeer) and whatever she really likes to cover. She did well in Gulf Dialect songs. Natasha Singer or as she has been dubbed The Lebanese Song Flower due to her incredible youth and delicate nature. As Natasha has joined Rotana, the Arab power house in music production, I hope they do her justice. Even thought Rotana has majority of mega Arab stars, they have not been able to break into the online marketing very well. Look at Melody Hits, this company knows how to market a star in the age of the internet. Rotana is still using the old TV/Radio model. Hope Natasha and her team can build up her success as she is worthy of every inch of it.

I wish Natasha all success as I think she will be able to muster it. I do have one concern, please please Natasha act your age. Although I loved (absolutely loved) Ayooh (video below) you are too young to play the sexy part yet.
It's OK to love a guy, but do it in a way that you would really do it in real life. BTW, Great job on the outfits.

ناتاشا ايوه كليب من روتانا

ناتاشا بعد بكير

Abdo and Abdallah Roar in "Marit Sanah"

If you ask me what's the best thing about Saudi music scene? I would point you to two singers who have been around for years (decades for Abdo) But Wait, now they are out with a duet!

Abdulmajid Abdallah (عبدالمجيد عبدالله), Mohammad Abdo (محمد عبده

) team up to give us a romantic song like no other. Marat Sanah, "A year has passed"A romantic song about distance, agony, loyalty and true love. Gulf dialect songs are nothing short of poetic lyrics, and this song is no different. Better yet, the best Musician from the Gulf Fayez Alsaeed (فايز السعيد ), the man who knows how to make good lyrics sound hip.

The Music video has a pleasant feeling, like the cinematography, the back story, both come to give you a true modern day musical wonder. I would usually find reasons to belittle Gulf music, but not this time. This time, I am glad to have enjoyed this song from two artists I admire and respect.

محمد عبده و عبد المجيد عبد الله - مرت سنة

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Carole Samaha is Unstoppable Diva

Carole Samaha promised her fans a music worthy of her hit song Khallik Behalak. She took her time with the song, she used the same team she has used for the past three years, but she filmed in Lebanon, a place she has not used in her music videos in few years now.

Carole shines in this music video, not only does she deliver an emotionally charged song, she also delivers one of the greatness dramatic role in Arab screen in the past few years now.

Simply put, she gave us a wonderful album last year, and at least three music videos to help promote this album. But this latest music video is something else, it's genius pure and simple. Get your actors ready, your star power loaded and your camera men rolling. But the winner is the set of the music video. Wow! Does this song have the greatest music set I have seen in years. In fact the song and the music video remind me of another American music video

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna Both music videos deliver the same massage and both are very well done.

Carole Samaha - Khallik Behalak / كارول سماحة - خليك بحالك

Oh Boy, an Arab Bruno

So last year the world met Bruno, the Gay Austrian fashionista Brüno!

Now the day has come for us to meet the Arab Bruno! Not sure if this is a real name, but the guy does not disappoint he lives a bit to the legacy of the Aussie Brüno. they both have fashion sense, they both are skinny, and they both know how to treat the ladies. Just give them flowers and they will take off their jackets. The Arab Bruno looks a bit like popular actor Paul Rudd. I do appreciate his confidence as the star looks comfortable in his own skin. I also like how they have his loved one to be a grown up, not the average 16 year old you would expect to see in Arabic music videos.

Not sure what to make of this music video, Sure some shots are dark and a bit awkward, I sure like the lyrics, the music does not get in the way. But Bruno's voice might not be mature yet. I see him mimic Wael Kfoury, the well known Lebanese singer adored by the ladies.

Bruno - Rjaa' / برونو - رجاع

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dominique Wants to Entertain You

What do you call a star with average talents, striking beauty, unlimited resources, and no particular style? I call her Dominique! The Lebanese singer with a couple of popular songs here and there is back. This time she is telling her guy (who leaves her at home and goes to party) to get his head out of his butt and be just.

The music video plays like a club setting and the starlet has enough time to shine. But I think the real winner here is the makeup artist who had a lot of work to do. I like the accent of our singer in this music video, she seems to have found her zen where her last few songs were using the same Lebanese soft dialect.

Dominique - Ma'qoul Mesh Ma'qoul / دومينيك - معقول مش معقول

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wadee El Safi Unloads the Wisdom to his Daughter

The really old school legendary Wadee El Safi reminds us he still a living legend. He crafted a sad yet beautiful song about being a father to a daughter and the love and the drama that come in between.

the message is simply the aging father asked he beloved daughter to stick around him as he loves her but he has seen little attention from her as he bore some much trouble for her upbringing yet she seems to have neglected that. He forgives and they make up and becomes buddies again.

Good song, the real winner perhaps is Jad Choury, the most controversial Arabic music video director why he is known for racy music video. He is hoping this directorial work would redeem him, it may take a legend to resurrect him, but we will see.

Wadee El Safi - Ya Benty / وديع الصافي - يا بنتي

Elie Mass'oud: Arabic Santa Clause

If you are sick of cookie cutter Arabic songs, here is some older guy that comes from the land of the unknowns packed with enough charisma to deliver a non love song about broke and lazy fellow named Barhoom.

Funny music video that will be appreciated by the young and the old as it celebrates the best of both worlds. Expect to see a load of senior citizens and grandchildren. The music feel like a Church choir or a music class. I like the song and welcome the singer who was able to pull off one of the coolest Arabic songs who reminds us of the Lebanese music in the 60s and 70s.

Elie Mass'oud - Barhoum / إيلي مسعود - برهوم

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carol Sakr The Arabic Lady Gaga is Much More

Never before a mainstream Arabic singer delivered a song in English that can rock your world, pumps you up and gets you going until lat week.

Lebanese Singer, Carol Sakr (Saqr)كارول صقر released a song for the Beirut Marathon and it was something else. I dubbed Carol as the Arabic lady Gaga, but now I think she is a lot more than that as she is unafraid to show substance.

Her English is amazing, her pronunciation is world class, her voice shines and she hit all the right notes without ever running out of breath. That's why this song "Hear and Soul" stand tall. This is why this song will be around for a while and as a runner I really really appreciate this song. It does not hurt that it has a great sound engineering and re-mastering. Finally an Arabic song that I can be proud of as I share with American music fans. See Carol Can! and she just did! Enjoy

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ban Layal Abboud Just Like Katy Perry?

Layal Abboud - El Deny Welad / ليال عبود - الدني ولاد

Few weeks ago popular Katy Perry appearance on Sesame Street was censored due to her prominent breasts. Obviously this was very controversial and funny at the same time. But this week, the Arab viewers had to put up with a new music video made for children.

A lead female singer Layal makes a music video for kids and you can guess her boobs are all over this music video.

Dare I to say Arabs are a bit more liberal than Americans when it comes to children music. Maybe that's what passes fro family entertainment, the kids get the song and the grown up can start at.....

I am not sure who should be more ashamed the Arabs or the Americans, but I know the female singers have nothing to be ashamed of.

Maya Ne'ma Disappoints

Defiantly a J Lo wanna be, she still the look, the style, and the dance moves. Well, it's kinda of hard for good artists to be in the music business, it's a lot harder for mediocre ones.

A rip off of Justin's Love Dealer?

I really do not like the voice in this song, I do not like the style, but i am not someone who goes to a lot of clubs so she might be up to something that will set well. She went out and got an English speaking (Jimmy) director who is trying to make something our of nothing. moving from the urban look to the belly dancer and everything in between.

Maya Ne'ma - Meshta' / مايا نعمة - مشتاق

Anas Kareem Cure for the broken heart

Anas Kareem - Te'dar Tegheeb / أنس كريم - تقدر تغيب

Ok, this is a sad song from a new comer to the game. Not sure who Anas Kareem is or what country he comes from, but i know this. his voice is good, warm and he seems to respect himself and the music business.

This is an older song that has been performed by at least one other singer in the past, but have not seen other versions.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Terrorists Not Pop Stars Get Visas

By Hanitizer

A rather odd news story appeared
Maryam Faris, possibly the hottest Lebanese star of the year won’t be coming to America this month. Maryam was supposed to perform In Las Vegas concert this Saturday, but that won’t be happening she had visa issues. Maryam was not able to get work visa to cover her and her bands to entertain you here in America. I am certain this is not an unusual thing and many other stars have had issues getting work visas to perform legally in America. Yes, this could also be a PR spin to cover for the real story, maybe she is not being paid enough or not treated right by the promoters.

But I think the issue here is if the visa denial or delays are real, we need a change and we need it now. I know some might have been intimated by her curvy dance moves–the kind that terrorizes you. She also makes akilling in the show biz since the productions of her concerts been daubed as a blast. But I am sure none of that was going thought the States Department’s officer’s head as he denied them their visas and just like millions of Americans, Maryam is out of a job. So there you have it, Maryam and her band won’t be stimulating the Las Vegas economy.

Maryam Faris was part of the concert in which Amr Diab will be the headliner. Amr Diab, the biggest and perhaps most popular singer in the Arab world will be performing in Las Vegas this October 16th in the Grand Arena at MGM. This concert has been in the works for several months now and many fans have already bought their tickets for the concert to see their star live. I am guessing Amr Diab will do just fine to electrify his fans who will be coming from all over the West Coast to see him. The concert promoters might even be able find a plan b replacement to save the day, it has been done before.

It’s not like she moonlights as a terrorist! As for her band members, what a better cover for an Al-Qaeda (the base) extremists than to be a Al-Qaeda (base) player performing in the sin city for an risque intoxicated and buzzed crowd!

would you have given Maryam a visa?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Noor Mhanna Brings it BACK

One of the greatest living Arab singers who are known to keep it real and the one who has to use special mic to accomdate his strong voice collaborates with Marwan Khoury the Arab magician of words and they both take us on a journey of the good old days. When people where good by nature, when people cared and felt for each other and did not stab one another in the back.

Noor Mhanna is worth it, the man who has been known to dominate the Tarab school, the traditional Arabic school of music gives us this simple music video, but the song is the star, the lyrics are the magic of this journey.

Thank you guys for giving us a new classic where the lyrics, the performance and the music bring the best of art. I hope Mawaran and Noor keep us entertained and continue to enrich the Arabic music scene with good music.

Noor Mhanna - Win - / نور مهنا - وين

Nawal Al Zoghbi Forgives You!

Relentless Diva Nawal Al Zoghbi brings Lebanon together and reveals that she is a true star, the one that doesn't fade.

Few months ago she released Amanah to her fans, she changed the name later, but the song was a hit brining the gracious starlet a new fame and earning her new friends, the younger ones. As Nawal does well with the older than 25 fans, but this song introduced her to the new generation, the ones all about Nancy and Tamer.

This is the concert clip from Nawal's latest performance in Beirut expat's festival few weeks ago. I see the mixed of the fan base, you can see the broad appeal this singer has on people.

Good job Nawal, keep up making good music and please no more surgeries, you look really good now and your voice is still what matters to many of us. Enjoy

Nawal Al Zoghbi - Amanah / نوال الزغبي - أمانة

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Arabic Gangsta Soundtrack Courtesy of Ahmad Saad

Ahmad Saqqa, the Arab world biggest action star last action flick "the dealer" did earn him some serious money, but in terms of career, the movie did not helped Ahmad's. There is another Ahmad who shined in the dealer. Ahmad Saad, the young and prolific Egyptian singer whose voice graced a number of Egyptian movies.

In the Dealer, hear Ahmad Saad roar in his saddest song yet to date, A moment of inception. Ahmad reminds of of many things all of them positive, but yet I cannot help but feel sad. And that's why sad is now spelled Saad.

كليب احمد سعد لحظه ميلاد من فيلم الديلر Ahmad Saad

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fairouz فيروز "Eh Fee Amal" Is OUT!

The biggest Arab Diva is BACK! Fairouz (Fayrouz) is released her latest album, the one album that we have been waiting for more than 5 years.

Eh Fee Amal, transaltes "Yes, there is 'still' hope" and hope is more than what this album gives us. Fairouz still got it. 5 Decades and she still has it. 12 dazzling songs, at least 10 new materials and 2 older songs that have been rearranged musically. does she still have that warm voice? You bet! Can Fairouz still make you believe? You better.

finally is out in most Arab countries (Egypt not yet) to buy, please do not download this album and buy it. It's worth it.

To know how big this lady is easy, tickets for her concerts sell in less than a minute....kings, presidents, and wealthy individuals wish to get to meet this legend in person. She is the most famous Arab singer, even those who do not know the Arabic language still enjoy her music and her style.

I still have to get the album a good listen, but I am sure I won't be disappointed. Fairouz, is making it harder not to fall in love with her home country Lebanon where this legend calls it home. Fairouz please run for office!

Eh Fee amal .... Fairouz Samples 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Best Arabic Guy Break up Song, EVER

If you are an Arab guy and have ever gone through a break up, there are many songs that can cure your broken heart and cheer you up. Dozens and dozens of them, Arab guys love those type of songs as they almost never marry their first love.

But it's not until Mohammad Rashidy, the up and coming hip singer form Egypt that a song, one song can make you feel better about the breakup. Look no further than the title which translates into "Screw You!" I know this is how many guys feel after they have been dumped by those whom they fully loved.

In the song, this young singer asks his ex to allow him to kick off the auction to sell her for the highest bidder (she is materialistic I am guessing) He tells her he will tell the bidders, "A young woman that will make you happy every night"....etc. He calls her cheap and goes on. It's not till the last line of the song when you know your cure is coming. Mohammad tell her this, "About calling you cheap and the auction thing, this won't be my last thing to say" "SCREW You" he adds just when you thought he was going to apologize to his ex...he goes all in!

This was a treat and I enjoyed the rage, I can relate and so can almost all Arab guys out there.

ToZ Feeky اغنية محمد رشيدي - طز فيكى

Monday, October 4, 2010

Joseph Attieh: Meet the Lebanese Josh Groban

A Lebanese Josh Groban?

Look no further than Lebanese singer Joseph Attieh to find him. Joseph is an alum of an Arab version of the American idol (Star Academy 2005).

Both stars are young, both stars have a dazzling voice with a dose of sadness in their vocal qualities. Both Joseph and Josh are loved by the ladies. And both know that their strong points are earned with the fans when they cover romance.

Joseph is well received in the Arab world, but he is not a household name. He is huge in Lebanon and his fan base closely resembles that of Mr. Groban's. Younger people and older women. As you can see in many of Joseph record signing (at virgin stores in Lebanon) you can always spot the older ladies who get excited upon siting Joseph.

Both Mr. Groban, Josephs have worked in acting. Joseph Attieh stared in a sitcom called "Jeeran" (Neighbors), both have a funny side where Mr. Groban sees himself as a comedian (SNL).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shatha Hassoun, A success Story?

Shatha Hassoun, the half Iraqi/half Moroccan star is embraced by pretty much everyone in the music business. She has been a star for about 4 years now and she has used those 4 years well. Any song she touches, it becomes an instant hit. She sang in many Arabic dialects and she shined in all of those dialectic and on top of that the critics rejoiced. She has also embraced controversy in one successful music video she was in love/hate an American solider in Iraq. Shatha has had a number of feuds with other stars such as charismatic and dance maniac Meryam Farris.

But yesterday the starlett came out with a Gulf dialect music video, the music video is funny and entertaining, but not sure about the lyrics. Alsa'ah or the clock has a surreal feel to it as you see Shatha in a mental asylum and that is being made fun.

Maybe that I only like Gulf dialect songs when they have deep meanings, but I found it hard for me to fall in love with mediocre Gulf songs.

See what happens when a big raising star that enjoys the popularity of the stars who have been around for decades tries to enter a new market. I do like the creative forces behind Shatha's success as she always impressed her fans and keep her enemies busy. At least you will enjoy the dance moves of Shatta.

Shatha Hassoun - Essa3a / شذى حسون - الساعة

Finally, Some ROCKing Arabic Music

By Hanitizer

UTN1 has the honor to release the first Arabic rock music that grabbed my attention. UTN1 stands for unknown to no one which is really creative even for American band names. UTN1 is a four band members who come from Iraq and have been in the music scene since 2001, but judging from the number of hits they have on on their videos they are still an indie band.

Per Wikipedia, the band was founded by Shant Garabedian and Artin Haroutiounian who are of Iraqi Armenian descent. They were later joined by Hassan Ali Al-Falluji , Akhlad Raof and Nadeem Hamid, who left the group in 2009 for personal reasons.

I like the look, the lyrics and the entire atmosphere of their recent song. So give these guys a listen, you may find something to appreciate. Tet’thakkareen “do you remember?” is the name of the music video and it’s the name of their recently released album. Gives these guys a listen and remember nowadays to make Arabic music is easy, but to make good Arabic music while being Iraqi has to be tough. I am just glad to have discovered them to finally see a truly talented Arab band, not just a cute boy band which the Arab world is not short on. And maybe one day UTN1 can change their name to become known.

UTN1 – Tet’thakkareen /

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Live Orchestra By A New Egyptian Comer

Perhaps the best Arabic live orchestra did not come to life from a mega star, it did not come in an came in a comedy movie. ريهام عبد الحكيم فيلم عسل اسود The strong female voice came from Egypt, the star's name is Riham Abdel Hakeem. The flick is 'Assal Aswad, black molasses staring Ahmad Hilmi, Egypt's biggest movie star.

Back to the song, it's a love song for the country known as Egypt. It does speak volumes of how wonderful Egypt is in the eyes of its citizens even with all adversities. It's a cool song, the lyrics are light but sets well with listeners.

I am surprised I have not heard of this artist before, she is really good and her voice does not disappoint. Great movies and a wonderful song worthy of the land of Egypt. I hope to see more live orchestra songs, not the same old garbage.

Fiha 7aga 7elwa

Meet Nourhann, the Arab Kim Kardashian

When it comes to empty celebrities the Arab world is just like America, we are rich!

Nourhann, an Arab pop star famous for being a sexy bomb and she is trying to earn a living be showing some skin. I cannot think of why she is famous, other than that she is just famous and we are helpless.

If the comments on her videos were an indicator of her popularity, she is popular with the horny Arab men who want to see more of her in that way Nourhann does not hold back.

Anyhow if you are into soft core porn, Arab beauties, and sweaty gyms, this music video is for you. Hate to be that guy with her as she torture him with let's call it Sexy stuff.

On another note, I know Nourhan has been doing some work with charities in the past, maybe that can make up for her revealing music video.

Nourhanne - Ta'a Habiby / نورهان - تعا حبيبي