Thursday, December 20, 2012

WATCH: Gay Arabs Come Out Of The Closet Song / أدونيس - في زينا كتير

Lebanese Gays wanted to make a song about their plight in Arabia, meanwhile kids are dying in Syrian, Lebanon, Palestine and Libya. Not to forget Iraq. You are not alone the song goes, there are many like you. I have issue with this song for one reason. It outs a perfectly functional arrangement  Gays can do their stuff, anything they want in private and not talk about it.

This system has worked for generations, but thanks to pop culture who is making it now cool to declare your sexuality. They like to pretend that by declaring your gay sexuality  your life will be better. I beg to different as people have not "evolved" to that degree yet. They are more concerned about getting by and staying alive.   I do not think anything comes form flaunting your sexuality  This blog has always called on men who flaunt their macho style around and same for sleazy music video.

The celebrities appearing in the music video all live on the same block in that posh Beirut neighborhood  They all make money working on TV, none of them knows the price of sugar or the price of a loaf of bread. What makes you think those are perfect spokespersons for the gay issues in Lebanon or beyond? Isn't weird that gays now have to answer to more people than they had to in the past when they had more privacy?

This is one gay band that wants to shove the gay lifestyle on the conservative society. Of course this is been made public by a channel TV where the owner has just divorced his wife on TV in a commercials and has asked people to get a divorce either Arabic of Western style. But aside from that, how would Arabs now be able to get citizenship in European countries if you make being gay cool in the Middle East. Just think about it for a bit.

The music video plays like life is all parties when you declare your sexuality  everyone will love you dance with you and cheer you on with dancing and lights. You can as @JadShwery for his purpose of this music video--he has been rumored to be gay for some time now. I wish no harm upon gays or people who are homosexuals  I just know that sometimes good intentions bring undesired consequences.

Adonis started in 2010 when two students of architecture formed a band. Currently, the boys--as they refer to themselves are working on recording their second album, to be released in March 2012. 'Fi Zini Ktir', the first single from that disc, directed by Jad Shwery, was released in December 2012 see it below.

Update: This might be a gay Christmas song. But if you read the comments on the video YouTube, you will see that most people seem to take this song the same way I found it to be. the hit show Glee and similar shows are making it fashionable now to support gay causes. I think this is great, however, the local culture and the unique standing of members of that society should be taking into consideration.

Adounis - Fi Zayena Kteir / أدونيس - في زينا كتير

P.S. What's with Carol Saqr appearing on the music video but not singing? she is taking a vow of silence? 


  1. you use the word 'gay' 10 times in a one-page article. It's just a christmas song dude, chill.