Monday, December 31, 2012

Nasr Mahrous Greatest Music Video Hits

Nasr Mahrous has directed dozens of fine Arabic music videos. He only works for stars under his label  He only releases albums he makes, fine tunes and directs. When he sings a star--mostly big names in Egypt, he gives them a 100 percent. He takes an album starts and finishes it while not working on any other projects. Stars stand in line to work with him.

You know any thin he make has the golden touch, it offers a big production value multi-layered tracks and a number of musical instruments form the East and the West are put together for the show. He directs his music video, and takes charge.

Then the behind the scenes gets featured to drum up the marketing for the new music video. I like his work, he is not all about quantity, quality is the only thine does matter too. Watch his greatest music videos that he has assembled.

 تاريخ نصر محروس Nasr Mahrous history


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