Sunday, December 30, 2012

Listen: May Kassab Sticks It To Faux Revolutionaries اغنية مي كساب - كله بيتمنظر -

May Kassab has never been a politician or a revolutionary, but she is one of the people. And it seems that the people including May are sick of the protesting and the Pickering at home. She is not the only frustrated with the people who are not willing to chill.

Her biggest disappointment with those people who pretend to be patriots, revolutionaries and rebels when in reality, they are cashing in the bank. This is a real track that speaks volumes of the reality in today's Egypt. The sons of bitches are selling the country out...they can suck it the song says. Thugs are politicians and every person speaks politics now.

It's a shame and the songs calls their bullshit spot on. It's for a show as goes the song. I did not think I would ever see May get political, but I approve of her new song, the reality is messed up. People want normalcy back
اغنية مي كساب - كله بيتمنظر -

اغنية مى كساب كله بيتمنظر النسخة الاصلية 2013.


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