Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The American Lady Who Moved To Cairo To Beat The Drum

Drummers and drum circles are a thing of hippies in the States, but in Egypt when one young American lady moves into town and beats the drum, people do not label her as such. Her name is Rookie and this is her fifth year coming to Egypt to spend the winter.

She has visited and studied the drum in India and Turkey to learn something about the drum in those parts of the world. Her parents are classical musicians where she grew up playing that type of music. It seems that Egypt has welcomed her into a band where she performs and yes there is a belly dancer.

روكي... فتاة أميركيَّة تعزف على الطَّبلة في مصر


  1. That's Raquy Danziger. http://www.raquyandthecavemen.com/cmbio.shtml