Friday, December 14, 2012

Video: Seham Shasha The Sexiest (And Most Talented) Poet

Seham Shasha has been called the poet of purple, the color that both men and women adore. the color that is the middle ground between the manly blue and the softer pink. Just like her poems  she writs for the man like a full grown woman with real emotions and good look. She is like an instructor of emotions, God has given her a gift of being able to so beautiful translate what goes inside the head of a women.

Seham is celebrating the release of her new poetry book, a book that had the elite standing in line to purchase and get singed by the author and celebrity poet. She appeared there in concert with the Beirut Internationla Book exhibit. She comes from the land of Syria and has written so many poems about it, but had it not been for Beirut, Seham would have been a really talented poet that no one knows.

The book is her second in 10 years, so she felt she had to write it and get it out there. I think 10 years produce a lifetime for a poet like Seham. She is a student of Arabic literature in the University of Damascus where she has honed her skills and released her first award winning work. She is a well rounded entertainer whose hard work has paid off.

But Seham is among the better known poets because she has written so many beloved songs for too many of the pop stars of today. Let's name Ragheb Alamah, Latifah, Ziad Burji. Saber El Robaei, Abady Al Johar, Abdel Rab Idris, Talal Salamah, Ahlam, Mansour Zayed, Ibrahim El Hakmi, Hind, Assala, Elissa and Nicola Saada Nakhla. That makes her one of the fest poets whose work have been sang by virtually singers from each Arab country. She has an audio CD reading her latest book "Iny Ikhtazaltok Adam", but the album was not released on date--blame Rotana once again.

سهام الشعشاع تفرج عن كتابها وتقف إلى جانب الشعب السوري


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