Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Beirut Bomb Canceled Concerts And Events

Beirut is no mode to party, and they are certainly in no mode to celebrate the Eid as the mourn the death of many of their country men and women who have been murdered as a result of the car bomb assassination. A number of Eid concerts have already been canceled out of respect and out of business decisions  For one, the tourists won't come back in waves now.

A concert for Haifa Wahbe, Melhem Zain and Majid Foany has been shelved now, not delayed but full cancellation  A press conference for Rotana's newest singing sensation Nahwa was cancelled  Nahwa was holding the event to launch her impressive throwback album in Beirut.

A joint event/conference with Assi Hellani and the UNICEF was called off by the artist who issued a press release, condemning the terrorist attacks. The even was to be held on Monday the 22. The event was going to announce the Lebanese singer as an ambassador for the Life Lebanon that will raise funds and provide aid to marginalized areas of Lebanon.

Bi Beirut- Mike Massy- ببيروت في كل شي- مايك ماسي


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