Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Video: The Complete History Of Arab Artists And The World Music Awards

Egyptian pop was hungry for recognition, they wanted another trophy on a global stage, and they had that in 1998 when one of their own pop stars took home the award. Amr Diab had a hit song in 1998, it was so fresh that traveled the world and back. It was something Amazing, something out of this world. And I recall, that song of his meant so much more than a song.

The music was genius, the bear sounded like one of those hit songs America is used to exporting to the world. Looking back at that song, it sounds alright now. But when I first came to the States, people form Latin America knew this song ans asked for it. I love the dance and the energetic it comes with.
The song sounded something espanol, something dynamic and it has won Amr Diab the world music award in 1998 for best selling Middle Eastern star. That time Amr Diab looked like he always has, not trying too hard and it worked for him. But something changed the pop legend, he is now making music with a wider audience on mind. Mike Tyson handed him the trophy as he tried to speak the little English he knows to thank Egypt.

I know we did not have internet everywhere back then, so the video aired on TV, and we made sure to see the performance at the award. He worked is and had the confidence to mesmerize the attendees at the awards. This event would always be held at Monaco in honor of the Prince of the land. A big deal for the artists, but as someone who like the music, it changes little.

This was his first appearance on that award show, he would go back few more time and so would the Lebanese songstress Elissa. Algeria's finest singers would win the same award the following year. In 2000, Cheb Mami would collect the same award in 2000 for his feature on Desert Rose. In 2001 Amr Diab would go back and collect the award for the second time, he gave a good speech. In 2003 Morocco would take home the trophy through Samira Said, the pop diva from the West side--she alluded to Iraq. In 2004 Tunisa through Latifa who brought down the house.

Elissa was bestowed with the award in 2005, the first Lebanese to bring back this award. Elissa would take the award the following year in 2006, making her the first Arab entertainer to win it two years in a row. But Amr Diab would win the award in 2007--his third time. I call that his best appearance to date Enter the stage Nancy Ajram pulled the 2008 victory. She deserved that award and it has finally caught up with her. in 2010, Elissa takes home the award to tie the number held by Amr Diab.

Amr Diab - Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist, ًWorld Music Awards 1998

Ya Rayah Cheb Khaled , Faudel ,Rachid Taha

Sting Feat Cheb Mami Desert Rose

World Music Award 2002 - AMR DIAB

Music awards 2005 Elissa

Music awards 2006 Elissa

World Music Awards 2007 - AMR DIAB

Nancy Ajram - World Music Awards 2008

Elissa, Tsadaq Bmein Live At The 2010 World Music Awards YouTube


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