Saturday, December 15, 2012

WATCH: The Voice Stars Music Video كليب تألقى غناء نجوم برنامج ذا فويس the voice

The difference with the old classical music that it wan'y overly commercialized. Sure there were the financial backers, but those ones we see today it has commercials like this new music video as recorded by the four finalists from The Voice. That company that sells hair care products logo appears all over the song. The song is titled "Stand Out", "Radiate" which is only possible if you use that famous shampoo.

This was filmed as the young singers recorded the song, there are no images or master edits, they just wanted to get the four in the studio and have a jamming session with them. Not a classic, even though it may sound like one. Poetry always seems to outlive good music, but sometimes, they complement one another.

I love the intro to the song, it feels like a gypsy track that makes you want to act like happy feet.

You will see two Moroccans, one Tunisian lady and a fine Iraqi voice. By the time the video surfaced, the winner of The Voice has been announced--supposedly fans all over the Arab world have voted for him--Mourad Bouriki took home the title. The clip features the vocalists trying to outcool one another as they figure their way around the camera.

كليب تألقى غناء نجوم برنامج ذا فويس the voice

#MBCTheVoice تألقي من بانتين


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