Thursday, December 11, 2014

Arab Idol Becomes The Palestinian Idol? Will Haitham Khalaily Win?

Arab Idol is almost over, they have three weeks to go, and it seems that another Palestinian comes to be a finalist. The first season they had Yousef Arafat who came in third, the second season, they had the mighty winner Mohammad Assaf, and now the third season we have another local boy from historic Palestine. Haitham Khalaily, the guy who has a strong voice and a humble demeanor.

I must admit he is not as exciting as Assaf, but he has a good voice, and does a range of styles, he lacks the warmth and the persona, but he has a great set of hair and a wonderful complicated background. If you had doubt about the size of his talent see him knock one out of the park in this Mawal He gets in the zone and almost forgets about the audience and the judges, he delivers a performance for the ages.

In the song below he made converts of those who like the late Wadie Safy, the iconic Lebanese legend, not many can do these songs, Haitham Khalaily did and he not only survived, but he thrived. I had my doubts, but now I think Khalaily is a strong contender.

Arab Idol - هيثم خلايلي – طلوا حبابنا- الحلقات المباشرة


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