Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yasmena Brings Back Om Kalthoum And Sets Arabs Got Talent On Fire! (Video)

She is not even sweet 16, but she has already turned up the sweetness and excitement for Arabs Got Talent. Many who comes with big dreams to such talent scouting programs, but Yasmena will leave an impression wherever she ends.

The four judges were her biggest fans when they heard her sing, some of them were moved to tears as they saw this young woman do an impressive cover of the lady Oum Kalthoum. Yes, the iconic Egyptian music legend. She was a bit overwhelmed with the moment, but as soon as she got into the element, she was flying and she was joined by the judges.

She did sing more than one song and each time, she dazzled them and blew their minds away. And she was moved ahead of the pack and boy did she advance. It's not that she does a great job, she is like she is that late legend in the flesh. It's nuts how good she sounds, for her tender age, she has a perfect impersonation and performance of the one and the only. Those vocal muscles are wrapped in gold. You see this lady, she is going to make millions happy.

Arabs Got Talent - ياسمينا - مصر


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