Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Copying American Culture...Poorly "POP UP" @Angela_Mrad

Some Arabs are trying too hard to look and talk Western. The Saudi production company Rotana has a new program and it's about American music videos. The show is filmed in Lebanon with a host from that country. So far, this is pretty much standard.

The new program "Pop Up" is being hosted by a lady who is dressed like she was from some American ghetto in 1995. No one said this cannot make a comeback. But whatever happened to Arabic music being different? These guys are erasing the lines, and copying blindly anything they see. Americans won't like everyone being like them--this is why Iranian cinema wins with their unique and local stories.

Angela Mrad's show will talk a lot about American music videos, and what's popular in America. It's a new statement that Arabic music is either dead or lacks creativity. I think America can teach us a lot of things, but these shows only mimic the wrong things. Angela has a sense of fashion and style, no doubt....this show is a dud.

What you end up with is a product that does not have a soul nor does it have a flavor. Neither Americans will be tuning in, and very few grown ups in Arabia would care to follow. I wish the program well, and the TV host.

برنامج POP UP على روتانا موسيقى


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