Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Listen: Oumina Mohamad – Tara Azaal Minnak – أميمة محمود – ترى أزعل منك

This is a very loud song from a lady who is really hard to find, she has a pleasing voice, a bubbly character radiates from this song. The new single from Oumima Mohammad is a sure dance song, I know the Gulf will find it special.

I do not get how these young stars are revealing more and more of their physical attributes when they are aiming to be singing with their voices. Have you seen the hit-makers in 50s? and 60s? Looks is not what hey are known for, but now if you do not look good, you do not sell well.  

I mean we like good looking people, but the voice is what should have more weight not how they look in a swimsuit.

امنية ترى ازعل منك oumnia tara az3al mink


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