Monday, December 8, 2014

The New Marwa Nasr 2014 Album Will Be HUGE! @marwanasr

When your spouse produced your songs and he is always by your side inside the recording studio and when your little girl is rooting for you, there is little you cannot do. This is why Marwa Nasr is about to release her biggest and best album to date. She has been in the studio for more than a year, and she has teamed up with some of the better names who want her to thrive.

It was half a dozen years ago when Marwa Nasr took part of a singing completion show, two album later, she has found her voice, her style and most importantly herself. I am listening to two samples from the new album and they are makes you want to dance and dance. The second speaks to your mind and heart. A love song by a woman who is not good at love herself.

Karim Mohsen's fingerprints are all over the dance track--you can hear him a bit too. The album releases this week on Wednesday and I can hardly wait. Marwa has always been good, this time, she got the perfect package, production, material and excitement. Enjoy

Marwa Nasr - Meen Da Elly Rafdny (Sample) | (مروة نصر - مين دة اللي رافضني (سامبل

Marwa Nasr - Mosh Nadmana (Sample) | (مروة نصر - مش ندمانة (سامبل


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