Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Random! Mai Kassab To Marry Sha'abi Singer Oka (Wedding Soon)

I think the internet went crazy for this news item. It's a random news story, but who are we to judge. The beloved entertainer Mai Kassab is set to wed Oka, the famous guy from Mahrganat parties. The duo have shared the screen at least twice on films. And what started as friendship has moved into a full-fledged courtship and now news on marriage.

I think most people could not get their heads wrapped around the idea of one of the good girls marrying Oka, the guy whose fame is well-known among the youth and fans of auto-tune music. He is the headliner and the main drive behind many dance parties in Egypt. But this is not why the fans are surprised by this news. There is at least ten years of age difference whereas Mai is 10 years older than Oka.

Mai Kassan did actually study music and has performed in the House of Opera. Oka dropped out of school, so he does not have the education. But Oka is a popular hit-maker inside Egypt and he makes money.

In the Arab world this is almost unheard of. Sure, it happened in the past, but this time it happens when we have social media and lots of opinions. If the news of wedding are true I say good fro them. They never care if the guy was older, but they raise hell if the lady was a big older than the groom.

اغنية انا باربي من فيلم 8% اوكا و اورتيجا وشحته و مي كساب فيلم العيد



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