Thursday, December 18, 2014

Afaf Radi, The Unforgettable Seventies Diva عفاف راضى

One of the most beautiful Egyptian voices is Afaf Radi who came to Cairo to take part of children TV programming and began to make a name for herself in the late sixties and early seventies. She does romantic songs, and children songs like it's nobody's business. She can do that kiddie voice that the little ones and she can pull off the dreamy teenager love voice so well.

Afaf studied the piano at tend years old and graduate with a BS with excellence when she was 18 years old. She did not stop there, she went for a Masters and later a PhD from the art institute in Egypt. She did a number of plays and theater, and one movie. Her movie was son many songs, she co-starred Mahmoud Yaseen in "Moled Ya Donia" One of her many memorable songs is "Egypt is My Mother".

I think of her as the alternative Soaud Hosny, they shares a lot of talents, but what you will notice they both pull the cheeky girl so very well. Afaf also sang for Palestine a number of songs "Jerusalem Will Not Fall" and "Akko--Acre Is My Home" Most of the children songs she sang where written by poet Sayed Hijab and the music is for the late Ammra Sharie. The icing on the cake was her starring on lone TV drama, where she co-starred with one of Egypt's finest composers Baligh Hamdi

عفاف راضى ( قالى تعالى ) - من روائع عمار الشريعى.

عفاف راضى - مصر هي أمي - النسخة الأصلية

R A S M A L A T عفاف راضي ردّوا السلام
عفاف راضي هم النم

الفنانة عفاف راضى ( راح وقالو راح ) - حفل نادر - جودة عالية

من أغنيتها ردوا السلام، وحدى قاعدة في البيت، هو يا هوا، عطاشى، النبى تبسم، تعالى جنبى، لحن لها كبار الملحنين مثل بليغ حمدي ظهرت في اواخر الستينات في حفلات أضواء المدينةومثلت في فيلم مولد يا دنيا مع محمود ياسين ومحيي إسماعيل من أشهر أغانيها بتسأل يا حبيبي -مصر هي أمي-ابعد يا حب-المولد-بستان من الفرح-تساهيل-تعالى جنبي جرحتني عيونة السودا-حبيتك-راح وقالوا راح-ردواالسلام-سلم سلم-طير يا حمام الدوح عشاق الليل-عطاشي-عوج الطاقية-قال لى تعالى-قضينا الليالى-كله في المواني-لمين يا قمر هو الطريق هواه-هوا يا هوا-والنبي ده حرام-وعدى ع الغربه-ولما بيهل المسا-يا وابور الساعة 12-يلا يا دنيا-يمكن علي باله-يهديك


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