Monday, December 8, 2014

Boob Twerking Video And Why Egyptian Movies Bomb

The formula for Egyptian movies has been revealed and in a funny way. I have been saying this for some time now, but this video puts it in a funny and true way. He mocks these belly dancers--really some shocking footage (Boob twerking)

They do not win awards these movies, and most of these movies are all the same plot, and 40 percent of these flicks are made in one studio---El Sobky. It's a sad day to look at movies in the past and now. They do make at least one good movie in Egypt each year, but for every good movie, they make 20 trashy flicks.

Here's how they make them....
  1. Bring some guy to play thug
  2. Bring in some belly dancers--one, two, or three let them shake it all.
  3. Bring some sissy dudes and let them sing and say sill stuff and make it look like a party.
  4. Shot some fight scnes, bring out the machet
  5. Film a cafe and lame dialogues, lines that make little sense
  6. Assault the public tastes, ruin classical songs

الحقيقة وراء صافيناز وتريقة علي نجوم المهرجانات | مسخرة


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