Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Video: Akon With Tamer Hosny 2013 Song

The duo performed together in the city of Abu Dhabi for Beats On The Beach concert series, they did so in front of more than a 100 thousand screaming fans. The Egyptian pop star Tamer Hosny and the American rapper Akon will collaborate on a music project.

It seems Tamer spoke with Akon and his team about a mutually beneficial arrangement for their duet. Tamer has been looking for more American names to sing with,, he has already recorded and released a music video with Shaggy, as well as a collaboration with Snoop Dogg. Akon would be a great edition to Tamer Hosny's English album

Akon talking about his new project with Tamer Hosny. Akon seems to love the Arab music scene  he has already done a song with Lebanese beauty Melissa (Senegal, the country of birth of Akon has a large Lebanese population) The artists performed in Morocco and recorded his voice on the Humanitarian song arranged with Red One and Quincy Jones.

Not sure what the song will sound like, but I am curious to give it the benefit of the doubt. Akon is speaking here from Atlanta Georgia about the upcoming collaboration. We do have a teaser for it, and we do know that Tamer Hosny will be bring his wife Bassma Boussel along for his stay in the US where she will give birth to their first child.

Akon Talking About His New Project With Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosny Soon M2drsh Ady3ha Feat.Akon.wmv


  1. with all the respect what Tamer is trying to accomplish international as an arabic artist, I think he is making a big mistake. He is working to hard on collaborating with american artists in order to reach american fame. He will shine in the american spotlight like the local singers do out there. He is not a born and raised American. He doesn't know the culture, the system, the politics, the music industry as Americans do. He is a immature baby in that sense who is naivily getting involved in international projects in hope he will earn more money. Nah, is the other way around. These artist he is collaborating with in USA are earning money from him. Why him? Cause he has to pay them in order to collaborate. Akon, T.I., Nelly, etc. are all mainstream artist world wide already. They don't need T.H. to reach world fame. Its the other way around. He needs them to reach world fame. So, that means he is paying a WHOLE lot of money in order for these projects to come into light. From a long perspective, he is wasting time and money. He can't just make duet after duet with international singers in hope he will reach world fame. He has to continue his solo career in the middle east where he acctually was already established, but, somehow that was NOT good enough for him. He wants more and more, and is playing a dangerous game with the UNKNOWN. And his annoying, ugly trash wife giving birth in USA will not make them anymore American that they already are NOT. They are arabs, not american. He doesn't seem to have a very smart managing team. I think he needs to fire and rehire his managment team. Bad management on his end. They don't seem smart at all in my opinion.

  2. The bigger problem is that the audience he is courting in the US will never accept him as anything but a novelty and a wannabe with this approach. Mainstream American music consumers have a history of not caring much about entertainers who aren't native speakers of English to begin with, and the fact Tamer is coming from a culture that's wildly misunderstood here doesn't help things. In addition, he lost a large chunk of his expat support after his Tahrir Square debacle, and his shelf life was heading toward its expiration date anyway, because the girls who were swooning over him six years ago have moved on to, you know, the rest of their lives. I agree he's going about this the wrong way, but I think he'd be better off trying to worm his way into the hearts of soccer moms by doing adult-contemporary ballads instead of courting the younger dance and urban markets. The AC style is a lot more forgiving of foreign singers because they play into the sophisticated, suburban, McMansion fantasy. Tamer belongs on the radio station playing Michael Buble, not the one playing Drake.

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  5. As we can see the song failed, he is keeping up his fame with his own money, i think it's time he re thinks his choices or he will completely fail. \he has lost a big following in Egypt

  6. can any one tell me the name of actor the song " Habibi i love you i need you " please i want downlode the arabic song coz i love it