Thursday, January 24, 2013

Video: El-Ahly Soccer Club Mourns Its Massacred Fans

The sport ultras for Egypt's biggest sport club have not given up on finding justice. They have lost dozens of their fans in a soccer game, and they investigation have been slow and disappointing, but the Ultras has actually terrorized the club owners and those who like to pretend that the fans do not matter.

This time, they are joined by one of Egypt's hottest composers turned singer Mohamed Rahim.  He made a song just for those innocent victims, who had school to go to and universities to attend. The song is loaded with conflicted emotions, mostly sorrow and promise of a better place. 74 people are no longer alive because of some violent few.

We now have just memories of those life loving people who wanted a soccer game and ended up losing their most precious possessions--their lives. I wish more of us have that kind of loyalty to our friends like those soccer fans seem to have toward one another.

في أمان الله يا شهداء .. أغنية تخليد الألتراس