Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reema Morgan "Daftar Asamy" The Anti Glamour Song

When an African looking girl from Gaza made waves, the Arab world took notice of this guitar playing Reggie looking talented young woman. Meet Reema Morgan who represented Palestine on the popular show Arabs Got Talent, and now she appears in a duet song with fun singer Noor Najih. I have not noticed her before, but finally I got to hear Morgan's voice and boy this girl can bring down the house.

"Daftar Asamy", a names notebook translates the title. Both artist celebrate the common man in Egypt, the ones who do the dirty jobs and get dismissed by society yet they wake up everyday doing what they have done best. The song has a funky vibe to it, coming from the outfits and the off color and off the wall musicians appearing on the video. The songs is about the rich feeding off the poor and making money off their backs.

The song takes place on the roof of some home in the slum, people living there are the kindest people one can meet. She sounds like she comes form those areas even though it's hard to crack the code of such residential areas. I am certain in Egypt she would pass for an Egyptian. Naturally, both artists do a rare song where we celebrate the man who gets often neglected and little thank you. 

Together the made a very effective song, that raises so many issues without alienating folks or sparking a class warfare. Their song does change styles and speed as it progresses which keeping me guessing.  

دفتر أسامى الهاموش - نورناجح وريما مرجان - Daftar Asamy


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