Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Big Star Of Nova Emad, And The Small Sky

Nova Emad should be so proud, she has done something for all a long time we all have been longing for. The classical Iraqi song with the right touches of Jazz. I thought only Palestinian and Lebanese vocalists were doing this style, but Nova showed me, that musicians from all over the Arab world, can rock it. Her Iraqi dialect makes me think I am back a thousand years and loving every bit of it.

You bring a melody from the folklore and tell an indie feeling story through lyrics and saintly vocal expression. This bears appropriate to Nova Emad, a young Armenian-Iraqi, who’s voice has seized the global podium. She is the second act with Armenian and Arab bringing to excel in this style--the other one is Syrian Lena Chamamyan

Needless to say the conflict riddled roots have contributed to Nova's artistic abilities, allowing her to address and mesmerize a steadfast world audience. Nova have benefited from being the daughter of a well known Iraqi vocalist, Seta Hagopian, and her mothers warm voice and kind manners. This is the kind of music that will draw minds and hearts to Iraq. What a breath of fresh air that makes us forget all about this computer monkey pop noise. Good music does not have to be loud to make us all so giddy.
Soon enough Nova took on the sounds of the 'golden age' such as Abdel Halim Hafez, Fairuz and, of course, Oum Kalthoum. Her voice is very close to be in the ranks of Norah Jones where same soft, sensual cadences she uses when she sings — that graceful blend of sun, elegance, and rhythm. Such combinations turns the familiar into something exotic and the exotic into something intimate.

Her Ghurbah track captivates the heart and tangles the senses of those living away form home--including many Iraqis and Arabs. The music of Beahar Hussam Al Azzawi serves as a vehicle to this gorgeous and intimate voice. The music video is similar to something NASA would air of the outer space worlds, it's magical, mysterious and remind us of how small we all are.

;نوفا عماد - غربة Nova Emad - Ghurbah Nova


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