Sunday, January 27, 2013

Video: The Muslim Brotherhood Sponsors A Sexy Concert

The Muslim Brotherhood sponsored an event where a popular Lebanese pop star who hired to make an appearance and sing. The internet went crazy when they got an image of the Islamic party's logo and Dolly Shahine dressed ready for a party and performing. The concert took place in the Red Sea District, photos from the concerts have caused an internet uproar among activists.

Here's what I make out of this:
  1. The Islamic party is trying to increase its profile and getting involved in more mainstream events.
  2. They are a co-sponsor, that does not mean they control the agenda or the performers booked.
  3. This might be embarrassing for the officer in the Islamic party who decided to co- sponsor this event.
This does not mean the Islamic party is trying to be cool, it also does not mean they is a scandal, just an embarrassing arrangement. Plus, the people at the concert are Egyptians  voters not some foreigners. As for the artists, they just wanted a paycheck, chances are they had no idea who is sponsoring the event.

The Islamic party issues a statement where they have confirmed their role in supporting tourim in Egypt, this concert was part of promotional effort to attract Russian tourists.

دوللي شاهين تُحيي حفلاً برعاية الحرية والعدالة


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