Friday, January 25, 2013

Watch #Egypt Unity Song: اوبريت اخر نفس فيا - لطيفة وحمادة هلال وخالد سليم

The patriots of Arabia come knocking! Two Egyptian dudes, One Tunisian gal who spent a great deal of her live living and entertaining that land are releasing a new song.  Together, they pray for Egypt, God preserve our land. Egypt will be there, even if it took the end of my, and the last breath of my body. The music is hardly missed in their new track, the outpouring emotional performances is key to this love Thy country song.

Hamada Hilal sounds too real her, his voice soars and his heart is in pain as he watches the news from those confusing times. Khalid Selim gives him backup, and brings the best elements in his voice to help make this song more than just music. There are other vocalists on this song, but so far, I can only make out the three leasing names.

Then comes Latifa, concluding their prayer and reminding folks that too many people want to see Egypt fail. While, I like such songs, they seem to come from a place of hurt, I hate to see Egypt go through this again. I might offend you now, but I feel Egyptians are tearing apart their country for being impatient and believing the media war against their president.  

كليب اوبريت اخر نفس فيا | خالد سليم وحمادة هلال 2013

اوبريت اخر نفس فيا - لطيفة وحمادة هلال وخالد سليم


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