Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Fake Lady Meets The Scumbag Dude

His shoe has been called Almoolid, which is the Egyptian version of a country fair. They are often fun and help change any child's memory. He is Saad Al Soghayer and he happens to be Egypt's most dancing man and dirtiest too. He speaks from the gutter and pretends to be a real man where he is a dictator and everyone sucks up to him.

She is so plastic and has always been one dimension facade, self satisfied with a good voice and a shitty persona  She should have never acted in the first place. Dolly Chahine In my book she is that girl that had a really catchy song 7 years ago. She likes to take about her Brazilian Lebanese mix Now not sure what she offers.

Dolly appeared on Saad's show where he pledged to hit her if she did not listen to him and do what he asks her to do. He is wrong to say that and she is mistaken to give a low live a chance at being a TV host. This is a 2010 show that nobody has noticed until they got sued their year for copyright infrigment--there is a claim, that they show stole the idea from a poet Ahmed Abu El Footoh
دولى شاهين فى برنامج المولد 2011مع سعد الصغير


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