Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Listen: Cedar Zaitoun New #Palestine Song أسمك يا وطنّا - سيدر زيتون

After the Palestinian Authority won the UN recognition as a observer member state, many people in Palestine cheered, others were confused by this decision. Not Palestinian folksy songstress Cedar Zaitoun, she knows this is good for us. I like her voice and her style, she is a hard working vocalist who remains attached to the land and the people even when it's really challenging to do so.

This is why she has a new track out celebrating the new state in style. Ceder is a talented Palestinians singer with patriotic strains all over her body. The song is titled, "Our Homeland, Is Your Name", the music for the song is the world of her husband Ramy Zaitoun who composes most of the music for her songs. Ramy Shabana wrote the song's lyrics

I am sort of happy about the UN bid, but part of me is unsure what it means. Cedar is wrapped in all Palestinian scarf and flag colors. As she released the song, a statement from the artists read, "I am pleased with the UN seat, this is an important recognition and a first step toward justice and getting the rest of our rights", " send this song to my fellow Palestinians and hope they like it."

In very short period of time, and quietly the young songstress has established herself and the quasi official voice for Palestinians aspirations, she is the voice that unites people of Palestine (West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem ) and the ones living abroad.
 أسمك يا وطنّا - سيدر زيتون


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