Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marwan Abado Rocking The Palestinians Music Scene From Austria

If you call Palestinians composer/singer Marwan Abado Mr. Alternative music and Mr. Independent scene, he will be a happy man. Based in Austria, a world class lute player who is beloved by his countrymen and those who appreciate originality around the world. He sings poems and changes hearts with every stroke on his instrument of choice.   

He left the Palestine refugee camp on Beirut at age 18, he joined his older brother in Austria. In Beirut he heard his grandfather singing old Arabic songs, and he was drawn to the music boy scouts play at every turn.   He has become philosophical about his music and his appear to those who do not speak Arabic. Aside from his bleeding Palestinians heart, he is a musician with a message. He writes most of his music after midnight when people go to rest, he goes to work on his art. 

Here's a kicker, he has co-authored a book about Palestinian seasonal cooking. I do appreciate his stand on performing on Palestine he urges all those who can travel to Palestine and perform to do so as a token of support. His style has always been more fitting for slow music, but slow can be fast. Marwan continues to tour Europe performing on its concert halls reaffirming his believe in a better tomorrow. 

مروان عبادو - القمر كنو 


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