Friday, January 25, 2013

Hady Khalil جديد أغاني 2013 دخلك يا هوا الغلاب هادي خليل

Lebanese pop is not showing any signs of slowing down, they keep those dance hits coming, and the listener is entertained. Pop music is unique, because it blends a strong voice, with a very loud Western instruments with the drum and the flute stealing the show. 

Hady is one of those young Lebanese talents who are nostalgic to the traditional folkloric songs with a heavy and fast paced beat. Hady won a bi competition on Stidio El Fan in 1999, in the episode that was attended by composer Melhim Barakat.

Hady toured the Arab world in concerts, and public performance, Tunisia hosted his biggest concert to date. He continue to release singles like the one you will hear below. Happy, let's dance music is what defines his voice. But he has a very manly voices which means he can do romance, but his heart wants to party.

جديد أغاني 2013 دخلك يا هوا الغلاب هادي خليل


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