Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nicolas Saadeh Nakhleh: Please Don't Kill People ضد القتل نقولا نخلة سعادة

It's kinda of a given that one should not murder people. But UNESCO knows the truth is complicated so they collaborated with one hot Lebanese composer and singer Nicolas Saadeh Nakhleh on a song that pleas to our common sense. Don't Murder People.

But for UNESCO, most of their money comes from countries that murders people by rockets, airplanes, and drones. They cannot tell those countries not to murder people, so they do around the world telling people not to murder people using the money they have gotten from the world powers that do murder people.

I am a fan of Nicolas Saadeh Nakhleh, he makes good and real music. He is an underrated singer with a strong showing. His songs comes with subtitle song which is being aired by MBC network. The song is about people murdering others, just like animals who murder to eat. We can live without murder he sings. This is a song that will land nowhere because those who murder do not watch TV, they are too busy.   

We murder for love, we murder for honor and we murder out of hunger he also preaches. He is singing for whom  It's vague he keeps. But I would rather have this son and not one more lame pop song with the same old tune. We have brains, we should find away. The press conference for the release of the song got some heated exchange when a journalist thought, the dictators should be murdered or something like that. Watch the press conference

ضد القتل نقولا نخلة سعادة

نقولا سعادة نخلة واليونيسكو يطلقان حملة ضد القتل


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