Monday, January 14, 2013

Salim El Turk: I "Copied" The Music Video And Elissa Knew

Salim El Turk was caught ripping the idea of his most recent music video for Elissa's music video from a Lowe's commercial and a coca cola commercial as well. Seriously  now we take ideas for Arabic music videos from commercials for home improvement stores  Whats' next a plumber will be directing the next big music video?

According to one interview, Elissa was aware of the copying and she was fine with it. To be clear, Salim is the one who stole the ideas and presented them as his, but he was not lucky in hiding his work. Will he own up to his lazy work? We were all dancing in cheers for the music video, until Lebanese director Bachir Asmar wrote the following on his Twitter

People tuned in and the snowball affect took place. Thanks to Bachir we all learned the truth about Salim who did the impossible to get Elissa back after six years (they had a disagreement on his direction of her music video, she went with another director. ) It seems this will be the last time those two work together, they are turning the celebration into mourning of the creative forces. But Lowe's is loving the controversy, their commercial is now an online hit.

Salim spoke to the Lebanese publication El Nashra and admitted to coping the music video, he has also said he did not trick anyone. I should not be attacked this way, and Elissa did not object to the copying. The viewer does not care for the source of the video, they only care for the image of the artists in the picture, Salim has also said.

I did not smuggle drugs, so this should not be called a scandal  argued Salim. I have presented Elissa in a new light, like you never have seen before. Other Arabic music videos are copied he said. He has also said his budget was one tenth of that for the Lowe's ad. I cannot really be sued said Salim, because we recreated out own images and altered the concept.

Yes, but you are still a thief, he has never mentioned the source of inspiration. He stole the ad frame for frame. Directors are meant to be creative and original, you are neither. I think this does not reflect good on the director, he is a big loser and he is bringing Elissa down with him. 

Lowe's Commercial "Coloring Book"

Elissa - As3ad Wahda Video Clip / فيديو كليب إليسا - أسعد واحدة


  1. I'm pretty sure international copyright law would consider his video to be an indefensible infringement. Whether Lowe's creative team would actually bother to sue him is another matter, but that is a pretty blatant theft of intellectual property, and the notion that he tweaked and reshot those scenes probably won't be enough to compensate for how obviously copied those ideas were.