Monday, January 21, 2013

First Female Saudi Rapper Is Here! Lady Aser

I feel it should be laughable to make a big deal out a female rapper anywhere in the world, but it's kinda of a huge deal to see a female taking on rap as a career or as a hobby. One look at the all dislikes she has received and you will understand what is at the stake.

The only woman Saudis respect are the mothers, nothing else. It makes Saudi men go bunkers if they hear about a native girl from their home doing something like this. Guys can do what they want, but ladies should be ladies till the day they die. Now Saudi Arabia gets to meet one of the first female rappers to come to the spotlight and they are ready to bring out the knives.

Lady Aser or Fooz is a student who likes rap. She spoke about her relatives telling her to quit and making a big deal out of it for her family. But then once she performed in an all female festival in Tabook, they started to warm up to her. Lady Aser has written 17 songs about her people and their customs. Her girl freinds are among her biggest cheerleaders. I hope she does what she promises to do, go to school study and rap as a hobby.

as for the rap song, it's welcome start.

 الليدي اسير- نقطهـ استئناف lady aser


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