Sunday, January 27, 2013

Video: The Boy Who Cried Lebanon طفل المعجزة جورج زغيب يُغني وجعك يا وطني

In a posh Lebanese restaurant where a night of classy music was promised, more than that was delivered  The boy wonder of Lebanon the kid who can rock generations with his covers of old classics took the spotlight by storm when he performed for the first time his new single. The name is George Zgheib and he means business. His young voice can shock you as his voice is so deep it might confuse some doctors.

The single is for Lebanon and its pains it sees at the moment. The song is about the motherland, teaching the kids to love it and it comes with a strong beat. The attendance loved the song and the performance by George Zgheib who will be recording this song in a studio soon and possible music video will come. The guy plays the oud (lute) so well. And one thing he does with his voice tells him he has what it takes, he makes his voice dance from one note to another note. Manipulating the artists voice takes a lot of training.

I wish George and his team well, they see a real talent and they work with him to evolve and take his act to a bigger audience.

طفل المعجزة جورج زغيب يُغني وجعك يا وطني


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