Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WATCH: Mohamed Abd El Mon'em - Ahla Hedeya / محمد عبد المنعم - أحلى هديه

Egyptian folksy entertainer Mohamed Abd El Mon'em spends a great deal of his time hanging out with belly dancers, drunker at night clubs and sleazy parties. But this is not going to stop him from making a song about how much he loves the prophet of Islam.

In his heart he might be a saint, and he might not be the wicked soul his music video show him to be, but we would not know that ever. He might be sponsoring orphans to makeup for all his transgressions  that's between him and God.

The graphic work is sophomoric, I do not know why the singer had to bring his face to this song...most times, such songs go without the image of the performer to reflect a message of selflessness. One more thing, in Islam we pray for one God, there are no other Gods, not even prophet Mohammad  he is his messenger  read your holy book and you will know. So this song fails in my book.

Mohamed Abd El Mon'em - Ahla Hedeya


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