Friday, January 25, 2013

The Israeli Boy Who Performed Oum Kalthoum اغنية انت عمري ميكل كوهين

Many of my friends back home are upset by this video, I see it differently. A young Israeli boy on a popular singing competition show did something different. He chose a really old Arabic songs to render it with his voice. While Michael Cohen seems not to speak Arabic or understand it, he seems to have done a marvelous job mimicking the voice of the great Oum Malthoum.

Cohen got the emotions right, the musical notes and the high and lows just right. It's really hard to hate a young boy, he is just a cute boy who has a bright future. You can see how emotional his family (friends) and the judges got. Michael has a solid voice, and I am a fan.

Fun fact, Oum Kalthoum is a kinda of a huge deal in Israel, all those Jews from the East may hate all Arabs, but they cannot resent the lady. They adore her classic songs, I do not blame them. There are also the thousands of Israeli tourists who visit Egypt and get to listen to her songs in cafes and resorts. That does not mean I am OK with the occupation, it merely says, music is a way to bring people together.

The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem names a street after the Egyptian legend--sure they stole the land from the native people.
اغنية انت عمري للاسف بغناء اسرائيلي (ميكل كوهين ) نور الدين الفلسطيني·200 videos


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