Monday, January 28, 2013

WATCH: El Joker "Differences Among Us Are Mercy"

Factions, sectarianism, fanaticism and different theological school within the walls of Islam are meant to be a mercy for us all. But sadly, those are no longer a blessing for us when people use them to alienate others and build imagined communities to keep people out. People are naturally good, they are not all bad and they certainly not enjoy murdering and violating others.

El Joker took those people to take with a new and timely song of his about the real Islam that brings people together not pull them apart. He is rightfully angry because he seems his beloved religion is bring used by a vocal minority that makes people scratch their heads. All those difference are political in essence, and the young rapper puts those voices to shame.

People make mistakes goes the song, it does not make you a saint because your foe makes mistakes, we are all fallible. This is a song if you really understood it, you may weep at our state and weep at the violence one see in Egypt due to religious and political disagreement. The other bold issue the song highlights is the different schools in Islam, they allow certain things and deny others. No need for a Fatwa from you, or from your various TV channels and bearded men who claim to be all knowing.

They are mean to make our life bearable, but now, people use them to choke us. I like the song, and the guest artist Abdullah Alhussainy contributes to the song by creating a sorrow filled mood. Yes, kick the TV away and your life would be much better. El Joker put those voices to shame and hope he keeps going at it, for the betterment of all of us.

 "في اختلافنا رحمة" - "El Joker ft. Abdullah Alhussainy "Fe Ekhtelafna Rahma


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