Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lebanon's Hottest Composer Salim Salemeh Speaks

Salim Salemeh is one of most known and popular composers in Lebanon. He is never too busy, but most Lebanese stars seek him out and work in his studio to record songs they are hoping to release with the man. Salim likes to defend his work and he does not take criticism well. He is often caught in arguments with other singers and composers in Lebanon. Salim was on a radio show the other day and he has shed some lights on what it feels to work with those pop stars we love so much. Here are few nuggets of information from the composer.

  1. Elissa is the hardest singer to work with, she demanded a lot in the studio and hard to please. 
  2. Nancy is the easiest one to work with, she does not give anybody a heard time at all. He loves working with her and he gives her his best work.
  3. Melhim Zein can also be a headache and so is Mohamed Iskander and Ragheb Alamah--they all want good material and it takes time.
  4. Elissa's hit form 2009 album "'Aa Baly Habibi" was offered to Nancy Ajram first, but because she was pregenant at the time, it did not make sense for her to sing about wearing the bridal dress. 
  5. A hit song is the one that changes the career and the price of a singer, Faris Karam had his skirt song, Mohamed Iskander has "The Republic of My Heart" hit and other as well. 
  6. Saleem thinks Ragheb Alama is the Arab world's most important artist and not the Egyptian pop star Amr Diab.
  7. Assi Hallani is not a great singer composer combo, something Melhim Barakat argues. He still needs time argues Saliim.
  8. Not a big fan of Fares Karam's new song, he thinks it was made by a bunch of kids who little experiences. The song is about not lying to one's wife  
  9. Ramy Ayach needs a good heart and better manners, he has the right to say he would not work with me, but he is crossing the line when he says he does not believe in my talent. Ramy needs to go back to his old style that made him popular in the first place. 
سليم سلامه يغني عبالي - هيك منغني 31-3-2012


  1. I think I actually prefer his phrasing on that song to Elissa's. It's understated in comparison to hers, more conversational and sincere.