Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ahlam Jumps Rotana Ship / 2013 Album Feud

I thought only Egyptian and Moroccan artists had issues with Rotana, the Saudi entertainment producer. But it seem, now they picking fights with one of the most popular women in Gulf music, Ahlam. Yes, the one from the UAE.

Per her offcial twetter account, Ahlam has expressed disappointment in Rotana who refused to shot a video promo to her upcoming album, which they have produced. They told her they only want to use the photograph of her and the album cover.

The interesting thing, Ahlam is complaining of discrimination, I do not know whom she is referring to, maybe she is thinking of one particular Roana artist who is from Lebanon. Ahlam has actually made the album cover design per her other tweets and she is talking about a concert in Saudi Arabia.

She is not exactly waging war on Rotana, but she is upset that they threw away a month of her work on the album cover, and only using one photograph.

دعاية ألبوم أحلام " موعدك " - 2013 - Ahlam

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