Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WATCH: Mays Hemdan - Ma Areedah / ميس حمدان - ما أريده

Is this goth or is it emo? I cannot figure out what Jordanian entertainer Mays Hamdan is going for in her most recent music video. She had a single last month and she recorded it in the Gulf--Khaliji dialect. I was not ever a fan of Mays, but she is a hard worker.

Not feeling the song, but on the upside, it seems she has so many outfits as she filmed this music video, I did not get the middle dance portion. The dance outfits can be part of a Halloween party. Ot's if she wanted to buy so many outfits and get filmed, with the help of a nice computer, she had her music video.

Good luck Mays, keep up this versatile career of yours.

 Mays Hemdan - Ma Areedah / ميس حمدان - ما أريده


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