Friday, January 18, 2013

Listen And Dance: Dag Al Mani - دق الماني

I am glad to report I was introduced to this dance track by my two year old nephew Omar, he is a nice boy who likes to dance to Arabic songs, and so far his favorite dance song is "Dag Al Mani", a new old Syrian dance style that has been moving Arabia.

Omar grabs his grandpa's cane and starts swinging when he hears the song and yes he moves his feet as he moves his hands in the air. All the adults off course are loving this track too. But kids are the best judges of a good dance track and whoever does a cover of this summer of 2012 old school dance song wins the listeners over.

This song is like water to everything alive, it's electricity to the house, and it's the blaze that will set the dance floor on fire. Who need an enrgey drink when you can swing to this song? I know this one brings the family together and makes life better for its duration.
Dag Al Mani - دق الماني


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