Monday, January 21, 2013

LISTEN: حسين الجسمي و راشد الماجد - اسأل مجرب جديد Khaliji Duet

Some artists do not sing for the love of money, they sing because it's they only way they know. Most seasoned and celebrated stars in the Gulf are affluent  they do not sing out of hunger for materialistic goods.  Instead they sing out of hunger for fame and higher stature.

The new duet from the two richest stars in the Gulf-Khalij region does just that. A song that made for the fun of it. Hussein Al Jassmi, the pride of the UAE and Rashid Al Majid, the pride of Saudi Arabia meet once again. Those are the biggest names who are still working.  The song is an original poem written by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom, from the prominent family that has been ruling Dubai. Fazza'a also contributed to the writing.

The music is the work of Fayez Al Said,  this is a new single from those two fixtures of Khaliji pop song. Hussein has been releasing many singles, and no word on his upcoming album. Rashid has released his album just few days ago. I know people of the Gulf love nothing more to see their favorite stars collaborate. I have to give credit to Fayiz Al Said who seems to bring more stars together than any production company cares for.

This is a romantic song from two lovers having a long due talk, about one being selfish and the other feels to be taken for granted. I like to hear both artists voices, they are grown men who wear their emotions on their sleeves. They have shown once for all, they are worthy of each title they have been granted. I love poetry, just like every Arab...we like imagery and dazzling tales. I like the collective wisdom the song parades.

 حسين الجسمي و راشد الماجد - اسأل مجرب 2012 جديد


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