Monday, January 28, 2013

Networks Make Money, Young Stars Go To Therapy

Let's be frank, there are at least five popular singing competitions in the Arabic world at the moment. Those shows do well in rating, make money for the hosts, and make the network richer--thanks to advertisers dollars. But the real money makers are the talents the shows feature on their shows. The young should searching for a career, or a break to start a new lifestyle.

Those young untested soul are pushed into the spotlight and told they are stars, and for a second people love them and talk about them. The media pushes their stores too, and the young people start getting into their heads, "I am Famous", then the show is over or they are sent home...and all of sudden with no warning, nobody cares about those people. worse, no one seems to remember them at all.

The companies and the networks that bring those shows do have an obligation  which they often do not mean. They talk a good business model in public, but those young people, they do not educate the young people, they do not warn them to the perils of such sudden fame. They tell them you are an artist, and sell them the sky. The only artists I see are the scam artists who peek into people's lives and then abandon them.

The only show to produce real stars is the "Studio El Fan", the show form Lebanon who did not accept anyone and everyone. The producer of that show, wanted people who can sing, not people who look good on camera or people who have drama. Most of the pop celebrities you know now have appeared on this show and made a serious career. Unlike the other shows, who do not keep the interest of the artist on mind.

Young people want to give something, and they certainly can be used in the networks. They can get jobs and sell stuff, but with the crazy amount of talents such shows features this becomes almost impossible. Plus what do they keep making those new singing shows when the real stars who have been in the business for a long time are sitting at home unemployed. Thanks to the economic reality and the politician instability sweeping throughout the world.

This is a reckless practice really concerts do not sell at home anymore, most of the stars are now heading to America, and Europe for concerts and for dollars. While, the networks are making profit, the young talents go for therapy, and see doctors due to their new found depression. Others still make money be selling their body parts. Some-no need to mention names, prostitute their bodies to get new songs or new outfits.

Arab Idol - Ep8 - Top Ten Females - دنيا بطمه


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