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بابا فين Where Is Dad? The Hit Song With Arab Kids

Some goofy looking guy wears glasses and calls a number, then a group of kids answer the phone, and give him a trip. Kid stories about their world. The guy feels tired as he keeps trying to get though the the kids father.

It was a cute song and everyone was surprised by this kiddie song that was highly entertaining. The kids do a good job driving this man mad by being cute and kiddish. The song came in the early 2000, and it inspired a number of copy cats since then...Haifa Wahbe made a sequel to it few years ago--it was a good song too.

The song came from an album with a kid group called Free Baby,  it came few songs, none of them was as popular as your';s your father hit!

بابا فين

Hell Team Has A Message To The Egyptian President

Hell Team is one hell of rap team. This is an underground rap band that is breaking out with message to the youth of Egypt and most recently to the new president of Egypt--President Morsi. This is a bold track with a lot of heart and sober messages I wish more people would adopt that kind of tone.

The rap goes, I might not have chose you, I may not have voted for you, but I ask you to impalement your promises of reform and your plan to bring the country back. Hell Team is a band made out of young Egyptian rappers who have a lot of rage and frustration to channel. The band members are as follows  H-DEVIL / Sir Medo / Mc Amgad / Hell Man

Per their Facebook
The Team Started in 2008 Which produced the first album in 2009 entitled "T7ya Masr"And then start working with the public reactionThe team is now processing the next albumWe hope you like it
They list Eminem and Tupac among their musical influenced. As far as raps goes, Hell Team does have all the right tools to this game. They have also manged to score some poetic lyrics. Next bit step is to go mainstream by getting booked on a music network. They can claim they speak for the youth in the streets of Egypt, this would sell big in the West.  

هيل تيم - رسالة إلي الرئيس | Hell Team - Message To President

هيل تيم - الموت المفاجئ | Hell Team - Sudden death

Best Of Mohamed Mounir "Voice Of Egypt" Live Concert

If you ever wanted a rock star personality, then you will find it with colorful Egyptian. He is the guy who take local music and makes it international with simple formula, make the music faster, but maintain the local flavor. For more than 20 years and this rock star has been in the business and has claimed a center stage. No one can make concerts as big as he can, that's why the biggest companies chase him down to sponsor his events. Yet he still has the fan's love and appreciation.

He loves the motherland--it's easy when you have been called the Voice of Egypt. He knows Egypt inside out like no other musicians ever could. His Ultras has uploaded a number of his songs which he has performed in his Marina concert--he took a nationalist tone as he declared "My Full Time Job is Egyptian", I can never move to another country, he concluded.

For some reason Mohammed Mounir seems the only star in Egypt who has no problem getting permits for his mega concerts--Amr Diab seems to have trouble doing that. Mounir keeps his cool like when his fans ran a game to see who can guess what color pants the singer will wear--they thought orange or red....he rocked the white pairs.

 محمد منير : أنا بشتغل مصرى

محمد منير - الليله يا سمره - حفلة مارينا 2012

محمد منير - يا حمام - مارينا

 محمد منير - رمـان - حفلة مارينا

LISTEN: Amr 60 2012 Album Dance And Romance

Pop artists tend to use an interesting strategy over and over again. Bring out a new star,  build his brand up with a young fan base, he will cater to them....these fans grow up, make money and remember their star who was there for them when they were young poor and stupid.

Amr 60 released a pop single two weeks ago, and now comes the promo for his album, he has combined his music promo with his photo shoot--some crisp shots indeed. He does romance songs and light pop songs that will appeal to the easy fan with not too many options or musical experiences. I call them the virgin ears.  I like the promo and I like the beach even more.

It seems that Amr 60 is doing something right, he has already made a buzz online. Why not and he enjoys a great deal of those famous Egyptian look and that jaw. He has a sweet voice, but I think he can do even better, he is listening to his sound engineer too much. Set Amr 60 free....and you will be surprised.

I think the album will sell even though it is not being released on a holiday.

Amr 60 -"Mesafer" Album promo / برومو البوم عمرو ستين

Mohammed Adwia Crafts A Good vs. Bad Song

Ramadan TV shows and dramas try to claim viewers by hiring the best stars and the best scrip writers in the show business, but that is not enough sometimes. that does not cut it. So they tr yo squeeze extra air time by hiring a singer who might talk about his work and might even invite his fans to tune in.

I have not heard about this show, which is titled "A Third Party", it looks like an action packed film with a lot  of young names. IT seems they have filmed in Europe, it seems that 9 out of 10 crews now go to Europe for shooting--a free vacation anybody?

This is a gangsta drama with a lot of people being beaten up, a tale of poor people who end up doing bad things and choosing the gangster route. The song by Mohammed Adwia seems to summarized the entire show. Adwia wrote and composed the song.

I like the song, but the lyrics seem to have been just recorded for another movie that tackles the same subject. AlAlmany. Ahmed Saad sang them.

اغنية مسلسل طرف ثالث

Hatem Al Iraqi, The Savior And Iraq's Hit-Maker

Iraq has seen better days, but hope is not dead. I think that every time I hear a song buy the loyal son of Iraq Hatem Al Iraqi whose name represents the nation. But his voice does more than represents Iraqi, it united a people. His music soothes the soul. Hatem made it big, by keeping it safe....people like Iraqi music because one it's sad, two because the dialect can express sorrow like no other.

No need to sound fake, and no need to go over the top, just fine the right lyrics and Hatem's voice will put his all Iraqi flavor and give you a classic. It does help Hatem that he is a composer so he knows the music through and through.

Watch this clip below where he brought a poet, a real poet to add another emotional layer to this song, Hazem Jabir, this is a song that other Iraqi singers need to copy. Because if they do, you know Iraqi will be back in the lead (musically) in no time.

P.S. What's with Iraqi's obsession with blond models?

حاتم العراقي حازم جابر ربع حبي فيديو كليب وحيد

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ghada Ragab Speaks In Tongues With "Awey Awey"

She is shy to confess of her love to him, she would write it, but she can never utter the words. This is how this new song by Egyptian diva Ghada Ragab goes. Ghada is one of the fine voices in Egypt, she hast the warmth and the versatility. But producers are not exactly lining up...she went to Lebanon and from there she found her way in Turkey where her new album is being recorded and produced.

Ghada will also sing in Turkish--she can sing in half a dozen of languages. Her Turkish album was applauded by the Egyptian ambassador to Turkey. Not sure why in her latest music video she has so many kids running around. Then hear the song toward the end, you will get some Turkish

Hope you will this pop song that has a decent voice carrying it through and through.
Awey Awey - Ghada Ragab اوى اوى - غاده رجب

FINALLY: Tamer Hosny Gets Married To Bassma Bousel

The rumors were true, I mean the ones about his romance with Moroccan singer Bassma--she is no career singer she took part of Star Academy season six. This might be the right way to go about making a comeback. Tamer Hosny as a single man has passed his expiration date.

a married Tamer Hosny might imply he is a serious musician who takes his work seriously. He is no longer Mr. single guy out there to get the ladies and seduce them through his romantic--sometimes cheesy songs. Tamer made the news official on his Facebook page through a video that landed there with a quck background story and then comes the wedding news. Tamer worked with the singer and then they have grown fond of one another--he approached her father and asked for Bassma's hand in marriage.

Now, I learned Tamer Hosny has made his marriage official in May of 2012 inside the Egyptian embassy in the United States where Tamer was working on some musical projects. He has kept the news due to the elections in Egypt and the incidents in Rafah. Now he is ready to go public.

Bassma Bousel has done some songs before with Tamer Hosny and ever since they have been romantically linked--something they both denied. But then the Arab Spring took over and the Tamer Hosny meltdown has taken phase. Tamer has not appeared in person to confirm the news, I would question the news until he speaks about it--because he can come out and say someone hacked his Facebook and put the video.

Some critics were never happy with Bassma Bousel for making comments and appearing too vivacious in the music video with Tamer Hosny. I think this goes back to her days at Star Academy where Bassma has rubbed some people the wrong way.

Update: I have confirmed that Bassma was with Tamer Hosny in his February 2012 visit to the United States as he toured and stoppled in places like Washington DC. 
تامر حسني كمل نصف دينه 

Tamer hosny & Bassma Boussel تامر حسني و بسمة بوسيل

tamer hosni Mats2lnesh.تامر حسنى متسألنيش

Mohamed Hamaki 2012 Album Art Cover

I know in this image obsessed world of ours cover images are kind of important to the artists and to the fan who wants a piece of his favorite entertainer.  Hamak traveled the world to bring us a good cover art for his 2012 album and I think he has mangaed to preserve his cool hair, his smile and put them in a good concept. 

الأن بالاسواق - البوم حماقي الجديد - من قلبي بغني

DOWNLOAD: Hamaki 2012 Album البوم محمد حماقى - من قلبى بغنى

The first all pop album of 2012 has officially been released today and the honor goes to the guy who can do no wrong Mr. Mohamed Hamaki or as most known him Mr. Hamaki. He made the music and the songs in Egypt--his proud home. But for the album cover he flew to London to get something fresh and he pulled it off very well

Cool shades and a slim fit suit is always chic. This is a cool beach album that makes the finest ringtones out there. I like Hamaki and I think he takes his music to the next level. He has a great team made up of friends and people who like him--they certainly give him the time and the talent. He takes all that and adds to it. 12 album tracks are hard to come by, but Hamaki gives his listener a great value on top of fun music.

The lead track off the album will be “Nefsi Ab’a Ganbou”, written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed Amro Mostafa and arranged by Touma. Touma is a buddy of Hamaki; Ayman is the hottest lyricists in Egyptian and Arab pop; Amr Moustafa is a hit-maker in Arabic and Turkish pop.

01.Nefsi Aba’a Ganbo
02.Da Lolak
04.Haga Mestakhabeya
05.Ahla El Nas
06.Mn De'ty
08.Wadi Haly Ma'ak
09.Gara Eh
10.Enta Bete'ned Ma'aya
12.Mn Alby Baghany

الأن بالاسواق - البوم حماقي الجديد - من قلبي بغني

قريبا - حماقي "من قلبي بغَني" 2012

Sally: A Bimbo And a Womanizer Walk Into A Bar

She is acting like a bimbo on screen to tell us the guy she likes is a womanizer. I do not know which one is worse, using sex is a marketing strategy or seducing women for fun. Sally sings about how is is quitting the love game, and how she is much prettier than the other girl

The best part about the song is the dialect the lyrics are written in, the music is upbeat but I cannot say it's something new. The fact is Sally is drop dead gorgeous. She has an album where she tries to appeal to the rich Gulf market. She is from Lebanon, hoping for a slice of the pop pie

Sally - Zeer L Nessa' / سالي - زير النساء

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Laila Nazmi, The Ditsy Egyptian Songstress

Laila Nazmi is a little known Egyptian singer who did a number of light and catchy songs in the the late 60s and 70s. She did the cute songs played the ditsy personality so well. Her songs were humorous and supposed to be a fun dance songs. One more thing not to forget about her, she is from the great city of Alexandria. She did go to music school and graduated in 1968, so she got her education, but her music appealed to those who less education.

I am sure during her time, critics have spoke ill of her (how dare she?) But time has shown them wrong, she is a legend now and her music has been remade by just about every girl who wants to be that ditsy girl who just wants to have fun. Laila's songs are now part of the Egyptian folklore

Laila did small town songs about the girl who falls for the guy next door and tries to win him over by winning over his mother. Her second most famous song is about her not liking tea as she likes a pop instead. I know it sounds lame, but we all grew listening to those songs, and they seem to be favorites at weddings. Laila has starred in  number of movies

 ليلى نظمي أمّا نعيمة

ليلى نظمي - ماشربش الشاي

Arab Singers: Police, Bodyguards And Motorcades

Here are few stories about Arab singers and the security arrangement's that accompanies their visit to any place. I mean we all have known about the bodyguards (beefcakes who have no brains and lots of muscles) who shove people around. But here are more details about the role played by police department in making such entertainers feel secure and feel important.
  1. When Elissa performed in Algeria in the summer of 2012, there were more than 500 police officer present to secure her appearance. The singer met a lot of opposition and online protests, but it seems her concert went well. At the airport she was received with tight security who wanted to make sure nobody harms her. Not to mention that her hotel was surrounded by many many police officers.
  2. Lebanon's Blonde singer Madeline Mattar performed in a Baghdad concert and there she was bused around town in a presidential motorcade. Her concert was to celebrate Arab press, but ti seems the Iraqi press assailed this security measures. She has dozens of police officer around her at all time, and she seems to have ruffled some features by revealing a lot of skin.
  3. Myriam Faris was in Algeria too and there she had more than 150 officer who came from the police department, security companies and volunteers to protest this Lebanese golden girl of pop and dance. Myriam's appearance was not without criticism or protests.    
  4. Haifa Wahbe did a concert in Ankara, Turkey where she was jetted by a private plane, received the city mayor and a dozen government officials--she tweeted about it too. While there a seasoned police unit was with Haifa the entire duration of the trip. Haifa was a choice to help promote Arab tourism to this gorgeous city.   
ميريام فارس لاول مرة في مهرجان تيمقاد بالجزائر

Rawad Saab Is Looking For A Wife And He Needs Your Help

Rawad likes brand names, he is driving a Mercedes, wearing cool trendy gear, all to declare his intentions. He wants to get married and he is asking you folks to introduce him to her. He wants a sweet girl whom his parents would approve of. He does not have many pictures of his floating around the net--he should look into that.

Good manners, good looks, you gotta go with the Lebanese Rawad sings. Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Morocco all get a shout out in the song. Then the Arab Gulf gets its shout out too. Just marry an Arab girl that's the song if you could not find the Lebanese one It's a clever song to break into the show business. Arabs are suckers for such songs.

Rawad is a young and good looking lad, he would not find it hard to find a lady.

Rawad Saab - Baddi Etjawaz / رواد صعب - بدى إتجوز

A Tribute To Egypt's Women And Their Achievements

People who study history know women have always had a role in making it, sometimes this role is behind the scene, sometimes it's ion the front lines. While some overestimate the role of women, many underestimate it. The Arab world is no different in this sense than the rest of the world. Others might have a different attitude about it, but still there is bias out there.

In Egypt, there have always been those strong women, in literature, in journalist, in politics, social movements and in just about every field. The slides are in Arabic, but they do bring a number of known and unknown women in the modern history of Egypt. The music accompanying the video is is nothing short of dazzling

These slides present a group of pioneer women in the modern history of Egypt in various fields. They contributed to our civilization. They are a window to know our past, shaping our present and building the future. The slides had been produced in cooperation with Woman and Memory Forum, the slides have been designed by Heba Helmy.

حتي لا ننسي... للنساء تاريخ....تاريخ مصر

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zayn Malik Gets Distracted By Cute Girls In The Audience

That's the obvious news, sugar pop boy band Zayn Malik has confessed that he often gets distracted by the cute girls in the audience. I am sure he is not the only one to have this problem, he is just bold enough to admit it.  

All those young ladies and his fans waving their hands in the air, jiggling around and generally dribbling at the sight of his very existence during One Direction concerts can distract him from hitting his high notes. I am guessing this is a good problem to have. Girls are girls and if anything pop culture has taught us about them is that they like to have fun.
"I can see a cute girl in the audience and get distracted by that,” the Bradford Bad Boi told BOP magazine.

That must be exciting news for all of his young fans, they are being noticed by one of their idols. Niall, Louis and Liam must feel the same way like their band mate.
“It’s nice to have someone who catches your eye in the audience and catches your attention, because then you can kind of sing to her and perform to her a little bit!”

But this is not a big deal to Zayn's girlfriend, Mix singer Perrie Edwards. She told The Sun newspaper: “I just think it’s funny. You have to trust each other. Me and Zayn are really happy. We see each other quite a lot, the only time we don’t is when he’s in America. It’s really hard. But I trust him.” Zayn has attended Perrie most recent performance on the popular game show Red or Black and he was thrilled to hear her perform "Wings" along with her band mates

This seems like a mature relationship that understands the complexity of having a successful business life and a great personal life.

Zayn Malik Admits He likes Perrie Edwards

The Cute Shatha Hassoun And Elissa Feud

Elissa might have the heart of a child, Shatha Hassoun has that Iraqi bold boiling through her veins. When they cross paths, the world collide. We have heard the story about the two starlets staying in the same hotel--one had many fans out waiting for her, the other did not. The media caught win of the story, they made it a big deal.

In a Beirut concert, the media caught up with the Iraqi singer Shatha and spoke to her about her projects and upcoming events. Shatha is a talented singer with one of the most committed fans out there. Unlike many singers, she can claim two big Arab countries as her home...both Iraq and Morocco.

She is no fans of Elissa's and thinks that she has seen the history of that singer since she seems to pick fights with others. Shatha refused to say anything about the Elissa's new album--even though she has criticized the album cover before. I like both singers, they seem to do similar songs--Shatha does a bigger variety of songs than Elissa, but Elissa has a well established brand

Elissa remains silent on this matter, but Shatha is also smart, she said she likes some of Elissa's songs, not all of them. Keep in mind, both songstress work under the same Rotana label. Shatha and Elissa might not be the best friends out there, but whatever competition they have might help make their music better and their songs more real.

شذى حسون: أليسا أثارت دمِّي العراقي

Is Lebanese Singer Elissa Really That Happy?

Elissa gave an interview few days ago where she said, had she wanted to get married, she would have done so a very long time ago. She wishes her latest album to win another world music award--she already has won three titles. Then she spoke about the album being a winner. While most of her fans and critics agree, the album is really sad.

It's too much for the moment when we see death all around  us due to revolutions and what's not. People needed something happy, not 8 tracks of drama breakups and tragedy. Then her concert in Algeria almost got canceled, and not a word was mentioned--we had a leaked photo from the concert for Elissa. But no one wrote much about it.

Elissa is still single by choice--I do not think this is a good thing. She has picked some fights most recently with Haifa Wahbe and Shatha Hassoun. But she has also performed in a Beirut concert. Before she got on the stage Bassem Faghali mocked her on stage--she was cool this time. Among the attendees were Eli Saab- a fashion designer she loves; Wael Kfoury he buddy and pal; Simone Asmar--the guy who discovered her; Siham Shis'asha who has written a number of songs for Elissa; Joumana Abu Eid, the TV personality.

Elissa made a good album, the jury is still out on it. in the concert she had glow, and she showed some serious cleavage. The concert had many surprises including inviting the composer of one of the latest songs in her album. Wael turned down an invitation form Elissa to get up on the stage and do a song with her.

أليسا أسعد واحدة على الرغم من صدّ وائل لها

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tell Your Mom! Nadia Moustafa's is BACK

One of the iconic singers from the 80s is a lady with a golden hair Nadia Moustafa. The Egyptian singer who dominated the charts of her time, and has made many people happy including my own mother and mother in law has just released a new song into the world.

I do not know why she has disappeared and why she chose to came out of her retirement, but I am glad she did. Her pal singer Medhat Saleh is still in the business and has not hang her microphone yet. Her comeback song is about not letting the guy get away with a wrong behavior.

The music video tells a love story of two people--models not Nadia. The guy is mean and the lady is full of life. Then comes Nadia who has manged to maintain her good looks. The song has been sang by Assala earlier this year. It was written from the Gulf, a poem of course.

Someone did a great job getting Nadia to do this song, we have missed her voice and her grace. welcome back Nadia. One thing, why have the comments been disabled? I am sure people were saying some mean stuff. The song is a bout a women who will not take it anymore--she leaves the guy and gets in the car with another lady--Nadia Moustafa.

A great song hard to imagine it was written by a dude.

Nadia Moustafa - Ma Asmahlak / نادية مصطفى - ما اسمحلك

Dubai Mall Fashion Show And Models

Many people have many opinions about Dubai, some love it, others not so much. One thing, this city is trying to do is be an open want to put a fashion show in a fancy hotel, Dubai! Want to party till the morning and stay in the highest hotel in the world, come to Dubai! Want to drive nice and obnoxious cars, Dubai as it too. You want sports? Dubai got awesome venues!

Now, the city is doing something I am fond off, promote women fashion designers from withing that country. They sponsor local brands, and bring in the local ladies who have a knack for fashion, then they put on a good fashion show and with that sales come.

This has been going on since 2004, and the latest fashion show for modest dresses just wrapped up in Dubai. Rich Arab ladies form all over the world come and help stimulate the Dubai economy. Just look at the cat walk and see all the people standing and cheering for this new fad.

I think this is a cool idea, they close a section of the mall and put out a good show. I have always liked Dubai and people form there, but I am sensing the city is changing and women are trying to speak like they do in places like Beirut--dropping English and French references..

إماراتيات يتفوقن في أزياء الشلية والعباية

Why I Think #MBCTheVoice Will Suck So Bad

Sure, they hired some of the finest voices in Arabia (Egyptian, Iraqi, Tunisian, and Lebanese), they are a huge network with many viewers and advertisers to pick them up.

Kathem is a good judge of character, but he is a nice guy, he would not deliver the bad news. He has not made a stunning record since 2009, but he knows the business.

Assi shouts a lot and talks even more, he looks strange after what seems to be going under the knife.

Sherine, is a hot head, she gets upset very quick and has highs and lows. Sherine has some personal issues and trying to figure out the business side. The actor turned TV host lacks charisma and charm.

Saber lacks flavor, do not hear much of him in interviews and such. Saber is a sweet guy who does romantic songs, and has not challenged himself enough, not lately.

Those 4 judges are older than 35, nobody in that age group knows anything about twitter, Facebook, so none of the new fans will tune in online. I think they needed a young 25 artists who has a track record. The show pitches that they will make stars, but in reality we live in a time where even stars do not make a living anymore--thanks to the internet and the Arab revolts.

Why would people tune in? Half to these people shin the spotlight and tend not to make waves, they are diplomats. Ratings do matter, and if people have a reason to watch, they will. Watching the excitement about this show, I cannot see if real. It's all about the MBC team trying to shock people into caring about their big show.  

But in between, Star Academy, Arabs Got Talent and Arab Idol, there is so much noise and so little star making. Too many empty suits and too few real artists.

I am sure people will watch the show, but it might be very difficult to sustain this success post season one.

#MBC1 - #MBCTheVoice قريبا

"I'M Waiting" Nader Guirat Deserves The Wait

The year was 2008 when a young Tunisian man walked into the set of Star Academy season five and people let him into their homes. Nader did duet songs with just about all the stars one loves including Cheb Khaled,  Karl Wolf, Massari, Ahmed Al-Sherif. Nader left the show with a lot more experience and a bigger fan base that wanted to see more of the young artist.

This multi talented singer who has performed in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Arabic. Through the song below, one can track Nader's musical influence--Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Alternative, Metal, Classical Music, Oriental Music and Comédie Musicale.

And impressive turn in Nader's career is his collaboration with the with music arranger Michel Fadel and ‘The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine’, where the song video was shot. ‘L’Ange Perdu’ received best song of the year award from Tunisian radio stations

Now few years later, he is back with a new single in English and with an American singer whose vocals are a perfect match for Nader's. Nader showcased his guitar skills to my amusement, the guy is no poser, he is the real deal. He does have a true crossover appeal, as his language and multi-talents will open doors for him, he shows a lot of energy for live and accosting performances.

This year, along with Dylan Lloyd , a fellow contestant in Crimea Music Fest, Nader released his most recent work “I’m Waiting”. A passionate song that shows another perspective of Nader’s promising music talent. And it doesn’t end there, this multi-cultural music talent still has a few projects up his sleeve His new album is due to drop soon, I know foe which I will be waiting.

“I’m Waiting” was written by Nader Guirat and his friend Dylan Lloyd, the song was mastered and mixed by another freind who likes this kind of hot music, Aymen El Guedri. This is a song two friends who like music and have a passion for good projects came up with. America's Dylan Lloyd featured in his ballad a new comer that goes by the name Nader Guirat who also co-wrote this track

So where do two musicians like this meet? Don't worry, they mean on something called the famous TV show in Ukraine called "Crimea Music Fest" last September 2011. I like this song, it sounds like what would a rock band working in a garage can produce. 

Nader Guirat feat Dylan Lloyd - I'm Waiting

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beirut Got Religion With Sami Yusuf Concert سامي يوسف في بيروت

This might sound silly a bit when it starts as the British Muslim rocker tries to make music out of his audience in his latest Beirut Appearance. I have no idea that the city of Beirut cared for Sami or his music--sure there are people who are non Muslim who enjoy the cool music Sami Yusuf makes, but his concert in Lebanon was a nice surprise.

Sami is a great musician with a heart of gold, he has made his fame all over the world with his music. His success has lead to the creation of many copy cats, but he remains the guy who did it first and made it possible for all the others to follow.

His concert was packed and the fans do memorize his songs, he has a great sense of humor when he teased the men of Lebanon. He dazzled the concert goers with his music and his persona. Props to Beirut for bringing out Sami to ring in the Muslim Eid.

Sami Yusuf in Beirut Holidays 2012 / سامي يوسف في بيروت

LISTEN: Rawan & Mohamed Sawy Catchy Duet

Here's a catch love duet from two young people with a lot of energy and excitement in their voices. Their song is about living the moment and enjoying life, they sound like they are buddies, a cool duet like they do not make them anymore

They come from the land of Egypt, it's an urban song about the new generation and their lifestyles. A song about being free and in love. I do not know if I like some of the things they say in the song, but I like the story line.

About getting a PhD and choosing the right one. As far as their voices, they have the voices made for pop music. They keep is real and a least they do not try to be something they are not. I like the the song flows and how they song gets to you and makes you want to dance.

أغنية محمد الصاوى و روان اعيشها صح - نسخة اصلية

Misho or Michel Azzi Has A Catchy Debka Wedding Song

Michel Azzi wants to part with us this summer, so he releases a cool dance/summer song for fans of the Lebanese song. It's catchy, and his voice works well for this choice. I like and  have enjoyed this wedding song from the new comer/ local celebrity. His passionate love song about wanting to scare all the otehrs from thinking about making a move.

Does not Michel look very familiar, he does look like another young, Lebanese singer who does a similar style. Can you name his look alike?

جديد ميشال قزى (وصلت لحدا ) +الكلمات woslit la 7adda michel azzi

Michel Fadel, Lebanon's Hottest Pianist Pays Homage To Warda

Michel is an artist popular among those who like classical music--both Western and Eastern ones. Michel is loved by the majority of Lebanon's pop and romance singers because he gives them his heart through his music. Elissa loved the guy and shows up to his concerts and so does many other celebrities.

In his latest concert the pianist composer paid tribute to the late Algerian iconic diva Warda. In the piano he played some of her most famous songs. Michel makes grownup concerts embraced by the elite and the intelligentsia.

He was later joined by a celebrated violinist Dana Dabbous, together they made one wonderful live musical experience. Not sure hoe common is the writing on the piano, most classical artists do not decorate their pianos, but Michel did it to promote his beloved country as its name is all over the instrument.

Tribute to Warda - Michel Fadel Concert 3al Lebneneh in Beirut Holidays 2012

Dana Dabbous performing with Michel Fadel in A3yad Beirut 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

FUNNY: Mohamed Abu Hamid Sings Politics أغنية ابو حامد

He is no singer, he is a politician who has one agenda for him, bring an end to the rule of Muslim parties in Egypt. He has no love for them and he has befriended those who despise them. There are rumors that he has traveled to Lebanon to seek advise on how to combat them.

He is a guy that most of Egypt hates, and few love him, but those who love him are mad about him and would stand behind them to chant and fight off thugs who do not like their ideas or their methods.
Mohamed Abu Hamid is being bullied in some circles, and when he shows up to a protest, some men appear from nowhere and try to intimidate him.

I like some of his opinions, but he must realize that some out there are using him as a tool. The guy loves Egypt for sure, but things are changing rapidly, and he might be some collateral damage--something I hate to see. He is speaking his mind.

See him lead the chant against the brotherhood and their elders. I think they should be free to speak up without fear, they should also give the new president a chance to implement his reform.
أغنية ابو حامد ضد مرشد الاخوان والشاطر 

OMG: Amr 60 - Agmal Haga / عمرو ستين - اجمل حاجه

You must be a badass if you think you can make it in the pop business with a name like Amr 60--it's cool I give you that. There are a million Amrs out there, this one is cool enough to rock the white tee and jeans by the harbor. He does have a rocking debut music video and he does like sailing around with his lady friend.

He has the Arab dude look, and that means he likes to be seen with blondes to his side. He does have a pleasant voice, and a likable personality that does not feel rigid. As far as fame, Amr 60 has just came out of the woods, he has no footprint yet. The next knows nothing about this young charming pop star to be.

Amr 60 - Agmal Haga / عمرو ستين - اجمل حاجه

Tamer Hosny (Lame) vs. Tamer Ashour (Awesome)

They are both roughly the same age, both make music and both are stars.

Tamer Ashour writs his own music, Tamer Hosny pretends to do that, he is rumored to put his name on the work of others. Tamer Ashour has a large fanbase that includes men, women, old and young. Tamer Hosny sing for the young horny, confused and unemployed.

You listen to Tamer because you know he knows music and has the education to show for it. He can hold his own and he can craft songs with deep emotional experiences. Tamer Hosny can do happy song, about silly subjects, I saw you walking down the street so I stalked you all over town and by the way I am a jealous guy too.

Tamer Hosny has an online PR operation where they comment on his articles, spam other people and remove materiel that he might not like--trust me they did that with me. Tamer Ashour is big on the web naturally, and everyone has nothing but love and respect to this guy. He does not have a PR operation.

Tamer Hosny does not work with other people well, he thinks he is the shit, and now he has turned into shit. I do not like every song by Tamer Ashour, but even the songs I do not like, I can understand and relate to at some point down the road. With Tamer, you know he sounds like the guy you want to punch in the face. Maybe he sings to unstable young souls who are looking for the next big thing.

Tamer Ashour works and help other young women to get into the music business with his music--he did that with a new pop star that goes by the name Rania. Tamer uses women as props and tends to enjoy rumors that link him emotional to so many of them. He is notorious for making it look like he is in love with his onscreen costars.

He tired to battle Amr Diab, Diab did not even talk about him or ever referred to him by his name. Amr Diab is still a household name, Tamer is also a household name, but in a laughable way. Tamer is a big box office star, he makes money, but frankly he has tained his brand so much. He is now working on a comeback. aided by a big TV network that basically airs all his stuff any minute all day.

Sure, they are both different singers, but one is making a legacy that no amount of money can buy and the other is making a farce out of himself.

تامر عاشور يغنى بصوته لايف - بيت كبير

Friday, August 24, 2012

كليب علاء الدين - شذى حسون - OFFICIAL VIDEO - Clip Alaa Eldeen Shatha Hassoun

OK, the music video that we have talked about for two months now, finally gets released and it's below. Shatha Hassoun outdoes herself here and raises to the occasion to tell a story, a true story. She is not trying to be cool or cute, she found a good team for this song and she gave them all she has.

The storyboard gores, a celebrity gets sick of the spotlight and exists through the back door leaving it all for love. I love Dubai and the outlandish outfits the Iraqi diva sports around. She has this sexy look that makes anything look stunning.

We got to see an iPad, contact lenses, a middle aged guy with earnings, a white guy who is trying to seduce Shatha. Shatha Hassoun is a much coveted entertainer. She has enough and walks out on a crowded highway. I am not going to spoil the ending for you, but I do love the bird.

Looking at the behind the scene this music video is a big production, lots of green screen and wires action. They had to have tens of people on set to make this music video the stunning experiences it has turned out to be

 كليب علاء الدين - شذى حسون - OFFICIAL VIDEO - Clip Alaa Eldeen Shatha Hassoun

One Saudi, One Moroccan, And Girl With A Microphone

The song starts as a rap song and it kicks off in English by none other than Saudi Qusai, then the dude with a cool hair Abdelfattah Grini he breaks the ice with his verses. Qusai switches to Arabic rap and his rage is all over the track. A song about life and things we do and do not do.

Finally Mona takes up the microphone with some cool outfits and chilling lines. The song changes directions and moves indoors and Mona takes center stage. This is a Qusai song for which he has brought two of his friends who have happened to be from Morocco.

Qusai feat Mona Amarsha & Abdelfattah Grini - Any Given Day

Bosy Ah Ya Donia 2012 Album البوم بوسي - اه يادنيا Street Music In Cairo

Bosy wants to be an "it" girl, street festivals and local music are common in Egypt and they have gone mainstream, they tended to be the business of males until Bosy broke the mold and started jamming with the boys, she hit it big and eventually left those circles and got her debut mini album with four track

01.Ah Ya Donia, the hit song of the album, was featured in a popular thug life movie "Al-Almany", made it big in Egypt in the anti-intellectual circles.
02.Saytra, a song stoners will relate too, a lot of shouting and local poor areas beat. Not going to be on TV, but those songs all sound the same--if it was not for the lyrics.
03.Get Ala El Garh, a sad song about life and not having a good luck in it. Poor people like cab drivers, street vendors and under-employed will find something in this song.
04.La w La, a happier song that you can play at your next wedding, a spunky song form a lady who is overjoyed by the wedding they have, telling the other folks, that they are not cool as she is.

I do think the cover art is pretty clever, what it does not do is connect the singer with her art form. She looks like a pop star in LA! Not a street artist who has to deal with a lot of shitty things.

 اغنيه بوسي اه يا دنيا - من فيلم الالماني

Kamil Shamoun A Lebanese Pop Star Breaks Out

Arab guys are suckers for blondes, and so is Kamil Shamoun who filmed a music video with one who likes to play games or otherwise she likes to be herself and he wants her to give in to his advances. This is a pop song not a class on gender roles. So let's review the song together, shall we?

Kamil and his lady friend are playing games to a Lebanese beat. He is proud to be a manly Lebanese dude, she seems to care less. Then she proposes to him...after coming to his place, and all we know they have slept together in the bedroom as you can see pieces of their disrobing operation all over the floor.

This is a cool video that shows once again, guys are idiots.

Kamil Shamoun - Helwe Ktir / كميل شمعون - حلو كتير

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ali Abdel Sattar Sang My All Time Favorite Gulf Song

Technically, he did not intend to make a big hit. I am learning that he made this song for his little kid, he wanted to sing it for him--"I love him and I like to hear his tales". This was the song that introduced generations to Gulf music as a hip and catchy song easy to fall in love to and music that gets you to move around. I was in Dubai at that time and his song was on every radio and in every cassette store, at that moment I know music can gap about of differences....

Ali Abdel Sttar is actually from Qatar and he is proud this way. He has a sweet voice that sounds the way it would had he not been a big name. I am trying to say he has that intimate voice, he is not the one to party, he  does a lot of business ventures on the side and as we can tell he has a loving supportive family. He does have this wide name recognition across the Arab world.

Ya Nas Ahba came in the late 80s and paved the way to Ali Abdel Star stardom. He kept at is in the 2000s, but then quit briefly once his contract with Rotana expired. I do not think he has ever made a song that rivaled his initial hit song. But in other news, his son is getting into the singing business as his father has produced that album for Naif--the son.

HD علي عبدالستار يا ناس احبه YouTube

Saad Ramadan Sings Like A Star, Talks Like A Drug Junkie

I like his music but I love to hate the way he talks. It might be the Lebanese thing, why do people like Saad Ramadan talk like they have been given some kind of drug? The guy is hot, the guy is smart, and he makes good music. He had half a dozen of concerts this summer and his biggest were in Algeria--a country he did not know he was known in.

So he sat down with Elaph and talk about his success and his hard work. I do not like the bit when he talks about his plans and activities, he should stick to music and romance. His talking pattern might alienate some people. His new album should be dropping by soon.

سعد رمضان نجاح ممتد من الجزائر الى الجنوب اللبناني

Love Your Johnny! A Butterfly Vs. A Tank In Egypt

The delicate souls of Egypt had to put up with violence, live ammunition and tear gas because they wanted change and they would not fudge. That might be the inspiration behind new comer Johnny, a new pop singer form Egypt who have just released his song a Tanks and a Butterfly.

My first instinct, this guy is pretty cool. While his voice and style is different than most singers I have heard, I am detecting an influence by Mohamed Mounir style--just a hint. This is meant as a compliment, writing a love song in those circumstance is tough, but I really like the take on the subject.

This is a love story about a couple caught in the midst of violence. The song is about looking forward and dreaming of the day they will get a girl. "Instead of flowers, they gift guns loaded with nightmares." I also approve of the music choice. I hope you find this song something to cheer and that we will welcome a new Egyptian star with the unusual name Johnny....Go Johnny.  
Johnny - Farasha Wo Dabbaba / جوني - فراشة ودبابة

One Of The Best Song By Saudi Abdelmajid Abdallah

Guys are no senseless cold creature, you just need too make sure that you are worth the trouble. Stability is important ingredient in the makeup of a man because unstable men causes the world to collapse and ruin it for the rest of us.

This why I am grateful for mature singers like Abdelmajid Abdallah, the song of the Kingdom who really gets it. He is better than any therapist through his music. The level of sincerity and emotional doses in his songs beat any romantic out there. He is the ultimate lover who knows how to make a simple love poem into a magical show of conflicting emotions.

Take the song below about the lost love, he is not feeling the love and he senses something is wrong, his loved one has changed on him all of sudden. Distance is dangerous for those romantic and the song plays that part and express such feelings and bittersweet moments when someone does not appreciate what the other brings to the relationship.

Seriously, where has this Abdelmajid gone? I know in my formative years he taught me a lot about love, romance and being loyal.

متغير علي - عبدالمجيد عبدالله

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

عايش غريب - شذى حسون 2012 | Aish Garib - Shatha Hassoun

The music of India has played a big role in the local music scene in thew Gulf due to the long history of exchange between those two lands. That's what you get when he hera the latest single from Iraq's finest pop export Shatha Hassoun.

The music is composed by the busiest and most popular gulf music composer Fayez Al Said, he channeled some elements of Bollywood music. Hands down he is the best composer and most accomplished composer who crank up one fins song after another. He seems to really like working with Shatha who seems to have moved her operation to Dubai

A female poet composed the lyrics, and she did one heck of a job, she wrote all the things that guys often overlook. I am talking about the emotional stuff of course. Shatha chose the right song and the right time to release this single. Shatha is a music force not to be reckoned with, she is way smart and way more expediences than many of her peers. She makes good choices, sounds really good too and her fans would do anything for her.

عايش غريب - شذى حسون 2012 | Aish Garib - Shatha Hassoun