Friday, February 15, 2013

"My Last Valentine In Beirut" The Lebanese Hooker Movie In 3-D

Many rich Arabs think of Lebanon as a brothel, some Lebanese women make a living giving those customers what they want. But Lebanon has one of the most educated and most sophisticated Arab women the world has ever seen. But no one is making movies about those cultured bunch. Only hookers get a movie telling their stories.

Lebanses music vidoe direcotr Salim Al Turk wanted to push the envelop and test the freedom of speech at home. So he made a movie telling a story of one of those hard working with heart of gold hookers. He gave it a cool catchy title "My Last Valentine In Beirut" and he had the film premier it in downtown Beirut at a local cinema house with a big gala.

The film also in 3-D and being dubbed as the first Arab film to be screened in 3-D technology and Salim is taking pride in that. He said the research for the technology took two years. The movie is not without controversy  Telling the story of a prostitute is never easy in a liberal yet traditional culture like Lebanon. It's not surprise Jad Chouery turned out for the screening and complimented the director.

Salim is the fourth music video director to dabble into making films, but they all seem to want to use sex for their movies as promotional strategy. I do not see this is a smart move for the long run. You may be liberal and creative in Lebanon but if your movies does not get a public screening, you lose--even if you win some awards in Europe.

فيلم لبناني عن بائعة هوى يتخطَّى الحواجز


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