Friday, February 22, 2013

WATCH: The Arabic X Factor Airs الحلقة الأولى كاملة - تجارب الأداء

Pepis is dancing as the latest singing competition show airs in Arabia, the X Factor brings together four of the true biggest pop stars in Arabia are set to judge the show. Three Lebanese and one guy from the United Arab Emirates. Egypt is missing, but at least three of those singers are a huge draw in Egypt.

The first episode aired with an introductory tone by talking up the stars who will judge the upcoming singers. It's an education too. 25 thousand young voices from all over the Arab world wanted to join in, only few will make the cut. The good news, the winner will get a contract for a music label  and will be touring around as the Pepsi star. That means good voice won't cut it, you need to have that personality and sexy attraction to be the worthy winner.

We are months away from that time, but the four stars will make sure we are entertained. I hope this show does not turn them from greats to goats. You have to be in the age range of 16 to 80 years old. Four different groups based on age and gender. Not sure how different this will be from the Voice, it sounds similar to me. Note how the voice over is in Egyptian.

I will follow it when I sense there is a reason to do so. I give it to the production company for singing the four best and most relevant voices in today's pop scene. I love the exchanges between the judges, Hussein Al Jassmi, Elissa, Carol Samahe, and Wael Kfoury are making sure we are tuning in.

 الحلقة الأولى كاملة - تجارب الأداء - The X Factor 2013


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