Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jimmy Amar, And Who Is The Real Father Song

Amar, the songstress from Lebanon had a baby out of wedlock, she named him Jimmy and she sued the alleged father who is a business mogul. Jimmy, the father counter sued and refused to take the parental test. Then some low key drummer turned out and said he is the father of that little kid.

But before this had happened Amar had made a song for her son, telling hims she loved him and that the no good father of his refuses to admit his linage to him. No one really knows who the father ids, I still think the business man may have to confess that he is the secret father, and that guy was paid to play the role of the father.

Amar is back in business as she starred in a movie this year few months ago in a forgettable film that makes some quick cash.
Amar- 2enta Amari / قمر - انت قمري


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