Thursday, February 7, 2013

Badriya Essayed Alexandria Beach Of Love

Badriya Essayed left Star Academy and has never left it. She stayed in Lebanon for two years after her appearance and she has finally singed a contract with a production company and her single came out. A single that makes one nostalgic to the Egyptian city of Alexandria, the beach and the people enjoying it.

It looks promising as the Jaroudi Media, the producer has plans for the Tunisian pop delight. There are talks of Badriya doing a cover of one of the old beloved songs from Sabah's golden hits. Badriya's comeback has to be well planned for it to mean something that would last.

Badriya Essayed manged to stand out from the pack and she may up to something and I like when young people find a breathing room in this highly competitive and cut-throat industry.

Badriya Essayed - Ana 3inin 3alik HD بدرية السيد - أنا عيني عليك


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