Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Samira Samira Said Tribute Duet

Samira Said is the subject of this new song. Samira Said, is a Moroccan songstress that has been making music for more than 30 years now. From Morocco, she came and Cairo she conquered! She might not have released a new album in more than four years, but she is working on one right now and she makes her presence known on TV by judging the "Sawt Al Hayat" or "Voice Of Life"

Two young fans of hers braved it out and made a homage song for her, one likes her physically, and the other likes her work. It's a duet by Kareem Foud and Najla El-Sharif, a tribute song in both Arabic and English for their diva.

I cannot name one singer I want to thank. They get something out of their making music for us, and we get something too. So, it's all a business transaction when it comes to it. But if you want to make a song thanking your idol--who am I to stop you?

Samira Samira -Kareem Fouad & Najla El Sharif


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