Thursday, February 14, 2013

This Is My Favorite And Best Arabic Valentine Hit Song

I know Arab men like to give this tough look, but deep inside they are as much of lover boys as the next guy. We are very emotional people....and this Valentine day you will know this.....just see how the color red takes over most Arabic countries, and Muslims celebrate it sometimes when it's at odds with local dated customs.

Take it from me, Tamer Hosny has made so many love songs that break your heart and make yo say the word cute over and over again. Some Arabic songs will make you melt like butter with how sweet and how warm they are. It's hard to pick a good Valentine song.

It will always be subjective choice, but I know when I want to sing someone a Valentine song, this is the first song that comes to my mind every time. Simple the title makes the song sound new every time, it's timeless. Like "Every year and you will be the Love", in other word you are the renewed and eternal love. This is great because love should not grow old and it should never stop from getting a fresh feel.

The artists behind the song is Saudi Abdel Majid Abdallah, he put his heart in the song, and even his music video shows how genuine his emotions are. The music video made it into this platonic love song, which is amazing. But the song is very romantic.

عبد المجيد عبدالله كل عام وانت الحب

عبد المجيد عبدالله-كل عام وانت الحب


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